Saving a recording

I have cam plus set up on my wco. I have sd cards in both the camera and the base.

It recorded a one minute event that I want to save. I cannot figure out how to do so. I am not asking about time lapse recordings. I’ve spent way too much time looking for what should be a simple answer

The recording is probably on your phone or whatever device the app. Is on if it was a scheduled continuous recording. Check your albums. If you danced around in front of your cam for 1 minute and it was recorded just download it from Cam Plus.

The camera is set to record motion, not continuous recording

Did you take the card out of the base and put it in a pc or a device that will read the card and see if the recording was there.There is no playback mode for the outdoor cam. If you have cam plus open the event, let it play to the end. On the screen you will see the download symbol tap it save.

That worked!!!

For Pete’s sake, the video recorded for a minute, as it was set to do. But, after about 45 seconds, what I wanted to see was gone. So, I did not ever watch to the end of the recording.

Thank you muchly!!!

It will only record as long as there is motion and a few seconds more like this

I appreciate the help. And I should say quick help