Newbie: sorting out Wyze cam add-ons

There are a lot of features–both free and fee-based–for a new cam user. I have a v3 and a Wireless Outdoor. Trying to figure out a prioritized list of things to consider. Meanwhile, I was “signed up” for a Cam Plus free trial. No idea how that happened and no time yet to explore its features.
Advice appreciated!

Free gives you 12 second event recording with a 5 minute cool down. 2 weeks of cloud storage for those events.

Cam plus gives you full motion recording (records until motion stops) with no cool down between events. Plus you get person, vehicle, and package detection. You can turn off none, some, or all of these options if you only need the longer recordings and no cool down time.

The V3 allows you to continuously record to an SD card (you can choose continuous recording or event only recording). The card will overwrite oldest when it runs out of space. This can be used with or without cam plus (it depends on what your use scenario is). If you don’t need person, vehicle, or package detection I would opt for just an SD card for the continuous recording. You’ll still get the free event recording but you can view the playback on the SD card to see the full thing (so long as that footage hasn’t been overwritten).

The outdoor camera does not offer continuous recording. It also cannot be plugged in 24/7. Only plug it in to charge it. I recommend cam plus for outdoor cameras since you can’t continuously record to SD like the other cameras.


Thanks! Am I automatically signed up for the free cam plus trial when I install my cameras?

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Yes, it comes with a free trial. After that, it’s a per camera subscription.


Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!


Quite welcome! :relaxed: