Have one microSD card, use in WCO or base unit?

Received my Wyze Cam Outdoor yesterday and am just now setting it up. I only have one spare (new) microSD card (32GB SanDisk Ultra), which is what I use in my six v2’s. I’m somewhat familiar with what gets recorded and how with the WCO, but not an expert by any means. I may purchase a second microSD card in the future, but in the meantime, would you recommend I install in the new camera or the base unit? Thanks in advance. :wink:

If you use the card in the base it will backup the event clips that are on the cloud only. If you don’t plan on doing any time lapse recordings or scheduled recordings on the cam you can put it in the base. Your choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does a card come with the base?

Do I need a card for all cameras?

No. You have to buy the microSD cards separately.

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Thank you. That helps before I purchase.

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You’re welcome!

One for each camera if I want to record, correct?

Yes. There is a microSD card slot in the base and in the cameras.

It’s not necessary to have one in the camera since the video 12 sec clips are stored to the cloud. If you want to do a scheduled recording you will need a card in the cam.

If you have more than one camera, you will need to have a card in each for recordings.



Thanks again

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I attempted to access the page, and doing so, i get:


I searched for this topic, and could not find a current page.

My stupid questions of the day is…

What is the purpose of a microSD in a WCO? It appears to me it would only be used for time lapse recordings? (and if so… there is no reason for me to have installed a microSD in any of my WCO’s, as I never use them for that purpose.


I think you should go here and see Wyze Cam Outdoor Getting Started and then look at Wyze Cam Outdoor features, scheduled recording (To the SD card in the cam) and also the Wyze Cam FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) If you are using Cam Plus the SD card in the base can not be used but if you have cam plus Lite it can be used to backup your event videos. If you need for help post again.