Wyze Outdoor Cam - how many SD cards do I need (if any)?

I bought some cams! But now I have a question and I haven’t been able to find an answer yet.
I have the base station and 4 outdoor cameras. Do I need to get a card for each camera, plus the base station? Or just the base station? Or do I not need any at all?
Just playing around with one camera & app, it sent motion detection alerts and saved video to the Events. So it looks like I don’t even need cards… or do I? What is the advantage? Are the events some kind of freebie until 30 days later, then will stop recording?

Just as with the other cameras, 12 second recordings are free in “the cloud”, so if that’s sufficient you don’t need the cards. For th WCO cards are used for time lapse and scheduled recordings.

Be aware that any CamPlus trial period ends and requires payment to continue, but the basic 12 second motion events stay free.


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In addition to @Customer, the camera can record full length motion events without a 5 to 1 min cool down(gap) using Cam Plus. You can also use motion detection scheduled recordings with an SD card in the camera if you update your WCO to the latest firmware(


Well that’s a pretty big change for the better. Missed that. Wait, motion detection as in mirroring Events? Or just scheduled recording?

It’s like scheduling recording on a plugged in camera, the camera will record during a set time frame (ex: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM). You can have it continuously record or only when motion is detected.
More information on the recent WCO firmware here(lots of great changes!): Wyze Cam Outdoor, Base Station, and Wyze Headphones 2.1.112 Released - 1/5/21
More information on scheduled recordings here: https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037595072-Scheduled-Recording-on-Wyze-Cam-Outdoor


Thank you! That was very helpful!

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So it doesn’t sound like I need any cards… at least not yet. In the future I probably will so I can do some timelapses.
Back to the “how many” question, let’s say in my setup I use 2 cams. Would I just use 1 card per camera? Or would one card in the base station be sufficient? It sounds like the data would go from the camera to the base where it would be recorded to the card, then to the cloud. Or would I have to retrieve that longer video (timelapse) from the base?

Another example: let’s say I use 2 cameras for motion detection. If they are both set off at the same time, would the base station be able to handle recording of those videos at the same time?

The SD card in the base is only used to back-up the 12 second cloud recordings. If you want to do any scheduled recordings or time-lapses, put a card in the cameras.


Thank you again! It’s much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have an out door cam starter kit and 3 additional cameras. One of the cameras is at the edge of WiFi range. It doesn’t send alerts if it can’t connect, but sends them great when it does. This makes perfect sense. My question is this: if we put an sd card in the camera will it store an event and camplus video until it can connect and then send? We have a home that is vacant we are watching that has had 4 break ins in the last two nights. 2 arrests thankfully, but two got away due to this camera not connecting in that small window. I’d say it can connect about 75% of the time. Any ideas would be appreciated.

nadascurb -
I think I read somewhere that you can’t use SD cards and CamPlus at the same time for the Outdoor cams. So in your case I think the best thing to do is just use Scheduled Recordings with the SD card. It should record whether or not you have an internet connection. It will not automatically send it when it gets connection back. But using the app, you can find the recorded videos and play them back any time. They are stored in the camera page / More / Album / Scheduled Recordings.