Wyze Cam Outdoor, Base Station, and Wyze Headphones 2.1.112 Released - 1/5/21

Firmware is released for Wyze Cam Outdoor ( and for the Base Station) and Wyze Headphones (2.1.112)!

These add motion-only scheduled recording for Wyze Cam Outdoor, allows the Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station to connect over WiFi, hides the Base Station SSID, and fix bugs!

Read our Release Notes:


This will be known as one of the best WCO updates(if it works)! Great job @WyzeTeam!


I like the device name grouping and search function when adding a new device.

Up date the base station first as it states, trust me :grin:, I did finally get all updated .

Hmmm, I’m stupid … can someone explain “motion-only scheduled local recordings”? TIA

One more question … to make the WCO connect wirelessly, do I just unplug the ethernet cable from my router?

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It should say “connected vie ethernet” in the base settings page. You can configure it in the device info section.

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Hmmm, it does say Connected via Ethernet, but I see no option to change it. The word Ethernet is grayed out and tapping it does nothing. Don’t see anything in the bases settings menu that affects this either. :man_shrugging:t2:

EDIT: my bad, found it under settings / Device info


Good deal! I know a lot of people have been waiting for the hidden SSID update. Thanks for making this happen WYZE!

When motion activates the camera Motion only scheduled recording will save all the motion up to the specified max time to the SD card. Those events can be downloaded and viewed from the album.

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Wi-Fi frequency question … must the WCO base connect via 2.4GHz or can 5GHz also be selected?

Ethernet or Wireless 2.4 only


Great! These will be much welcome updates for the WCO!

You sure don’t have that backwards? Mine said to update camera first, then base station.

No I did not have it backwards, mine said in Yellow letters to do the base station “first” which I read after I told the app to update them all (Batch update which failed). Either way I got it done but one cam went off line so I did that one over after I did the base. All connected and working.

That’s really odd. Mine said I had to do the Camera’s first. Matter of fact, it would not let me update the base stations until the cameras were done. First time, 3 of the 4 updated, 1 failed. It still wouldn’t let me update the base stations until that 4th camera was updated.

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Could someone please clarify what the SD card in the base station is used for and what the SD card in the WCO is used for? Thank you.

The SD in the Camera is for recording scheduled motion events, scheduled recording , time lapse and travel mode. If you do not make a schedule for any of those all you will get is single pictures of motion events. The SD card in the base records motion events from your outdoor camera/cameras if you do not make a schedule.

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Can it finally record motion only in travel mode with this firmware update?