Wyze Cam Ourdoor & Base Station Firmware beta release 12/3/2020


  • Base Station: 4.16.0. 195
  • WCO: 4.17.0. 191


  • Added the ability to connect the Base Station via WiFi
  • Added support for motion-only scheduled recording
  • Added the ability to hide the Base Station SSID
  • Added the ability to trigger motion events while watching the live stream (only available for non-Cam Plus events)When the Base Station switches to a WiFi connection, the status light will flash blue light and turn solid blue eventually. In the meantime, the connected Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras will go offline for a brief amount of time.


  • Base Station cannot connect to a network without a password
  • Some motion-only scheduled recording thumbnails are missing
  • The app shows the wrong video length for motion-only scheduled recording (lacking 4 seconds in the daytime and 8 seconds in night vision)
  • Wrong Event type displayed when uploading a video using automation

Some of these updates are impressively useful! Thanks devs!

Not to mention major things people have been requesting since launch. See everyone, Wyze listens and works on great upkeep updates. Be patient. Great job guys.


Under what menu is the hide ssid option, as Im not seeing it.

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It is automatically hidden.


I was just gonna ask that about the hidden piece… nice

Now just need to be able to set the channel and I will order two more base stations

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Hmm, I don’t understand the first bullet. The base station still needs to connect to my router via ethernet, correct? Are we talking about something else here? :man_shrugging:

It would appears base station can now connect via Wifi without Ethernet if desired. Cameras still connect to base station but SSID is hidden.


I set a motion-only scheduled recording, for 30 days. What is the estimated additional battery usage, if there is no motion recorded? The warning for estimated file size assumes the recording is for 30 days continuous.

This is incorrect I assume: the only recordings should be the same ones already going to the base?

I think the additional battery usage would be minimal if there is no motion.

The extra battery usage when there is motion would be similar to a camplus camera perhaps? Maybe less? Sending 12 seconds to the cloud and recording a minute to the card may be less power intensive than sending the whole 1 min to the cloud?

Keep in mind, the WCO was already sending 12 second motion clips to the base. Now it is also capturing the same feed to the card in the cam.

My observation: I am seeing more 12 second clips on the base than clips on the cam. The clips on the cam can be shorter than 12 seconds, they stop quickly after motion ends. I am assuming the missing clips are related to faster moving vehicles/motion that is picked up just as the target moves out of sight?

A lot of these features will be appreciated by users! Thanks @WyzeAndy!
How do we hide the base station network when it’s connected by ethernet?

It should be hidden with the update. Mine are no longer visible,

My SD card clips line up pretty well with the cloud clips so far. I just counted 22 cloud clips today and there are 21 clips of various lengths on the SD card. I dont have fast moving objects in the cameras view though. it’s all people walking mostly.

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It is! My mistake was looking in the base settings.

@WyzeAndy Found an issue with this new firmware release:

New beta firmware causing duplicate events and notifications, at least while CamPlus is active. See screenshots For an example (notice the times and thumbnail of the person detection events being identical):

You can see that it is weird.

  1. The top one doesn’t show a time, but is a normal 12-second cloud clip.
  2. The second one is the 8 second Cam Plus cloud clip. You are storing duplicate Cloud events now, one as “free” and one as Cam Plus.
  3. Doesn’t have a thumbnail but is the “free” 12 second clip that matches the 7 second Cam Plus clip of the 4th video
  4. Is the same as 3rd but only 7 seconds long.
  5. 5th video is interesting. Cam Plus identifies the cat as a person for an 8-second video, but there is no normal 12-second clip like all the others had. I have no explanation for this. I did check to see if it is duplicating cloud events for non-person detection videos too, and it appears to be doing the same thing, but there are some that aren’t duplicating like how this 5th video is alone without a 12-second partner video. (Same inconsistency with the 5th video in the second screenshot. This is just coincidence though, I checked further down and it is not always the 5th video that is missing a 12-second partner event)

Alexa person announcements are also announcing twice for the same event Example:

Alexa: “DING - Person detected on Backdoor Cam. DING - Person detected on Backdoor Cam.

It used to only announce once and not have duplicate events before I got the new firmware and Cam Plus.

Sent logs to help your devs figure it out (Ticket ID: 69187).
Hope that helps. That’s what we’re here in Beta for after all. Let me know if you need anything else from me or want to try anything. I am sure I can just Move Cam Plus to a different cam and everything will go back to normal again, but figured I could help out since I noticed this glitch.


I wish I could play with my settings but never saw a benefit Cam Plus could offer me. Are there separate Notification settings for both methods?

Interesting thought. I wonder if it stores them separately The notification settings are basically the same. CamPlus mostly updates the Events Recording tab. here are some screenshots of the differences:

Settings Main Screen Without Cam Plus:

Settings Main Screen With Cam Plus:

Event Recording Tab Without Cam Plus:

Event Recording Tab With Cam Plus:

So it doesn’t seem to have separate settings tabs, it just updates the same tab. Notifications tab is basically the same too:

Maybe it updates the new tab, but still stores settings from the old tab separately in a different value? That could possibly explain it. Some good insight there.

I have been trying to connect the base to wifi throughout the day but I have not been successful yet.

What brand router are you using? Channel of your base station? 2.4 Channel bandwidth 20 or 40Mhz?

If your ssid has spaces there may be a bug preventing the base from connecting to the network.