Can i continuously record with Wyze outdoor v2?

I want to record. I Inserted SD card but I don’t see the toggle to continuously record in my advanced settings. Is this option not available and wyze V2

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You can ‘manually’ schedule a temporary recording on the Wyze Outdoor Camera series, but the battery-powered cameras do not have the continuous recording feature that you have on the powered cameras like the V3 or Pan series.


To record to the SD in the battery powered outdoor cam use scheduled recording. I don’t recommend continuous record except for a very short time unless you want to kill the battery quickly. You can set motion event recording for up to 30 days, no cooldown period and a maximum video length of 5 min per video. The cam will record in as long as there is motion.


Ok. Thanks

I was just told by support that the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 DOES allow for automatic 24/7 continuous recording and playback, just like the indoor cameras. That the v2 will continuously record and does not need to have the long-term recording scheduled like it does with the v1.

Aka you can just turn it on and it will automatically record 24/7 indefinitely, allowing you to go back and view footage from previous days (as long as it’s still on the sd card). Is this not correct?

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I believe you were told wrong or misunderstood. How long do you think the battery will last on continuous? I say 8 hours at best before the cam dies. Since the version 2 has the same firmware as the version one there is no playback function in the app available for that either. If you do the scheduled recording to a SD in the cam you can play that back, but it is also downloaded to your phone/device photo album. Maybe support confused the V2 wired cam with the Version 2 WCO.

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It’s not correct.

This is a security camera, right? Why should I have to remember to go set up a “new” scheduled recording every 30 days?

And when the camera reports an event happening, I can’t just go immediately to “playback” to see what happened? I have to jump through hoops to go find a recording and figure out which one I want to look at?

This is bizarre to the verge of uselessness.

Buy a V3, it’s cheaper and better .

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The battery-powered cameras are meant to slumber 99% of the time, waking up only to record an event when their PIR sensor senses something. Those events are easy to find; they are on your Events tab, and you get notified of them with a push notification. The Outdoor Camera works well in battery-required environments.

However, to record continuously, you need a wire-powered camera like the V3. The V3 is much more powerful than the Outdoor Camera, and is cheaper too. Go with the V3 if you want continuous recording.

And don’t forget to sign up for Cam Plus Lite, which you can get for $0 if you want to.