Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 (Battery Cam v2) Ideas

Sorry, I honestly didn’t notice it was a Wishlist post.
Voted. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m voting for this. But I do have one change to the original request. Don’t require a base station at all.

Actually, the idea of having a real base station that can locally record my camera’s is great, but not part of this wish.

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Thanks for the idea! I’ll add this :slight_smile:

if wyze make wco w/o battery, then can get rid of the base station altogether!

for backup, wyze could
re-open the dead wyze drive project or provide a plugin to upload video to WD home cloud, which will solve the problem!

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too soon

That’s true! However some people may like the base station to store the footage from Outdoor Cam on it. I wish they would work on a “hub” that holds lots of storage for the cameras! But until they do I would still like the option to use the Base Station if they do release a new version of the WCO.

there used to be a wyze drive project to store all the camera video, not just wco,

but unfortunately it was dead


Yeah I was sad to hear that! I hope they start again someday!

Completely agree. The camera should have a direct connection to electricity and the idea of ​​a battery would be perfect for use in emergencies as a Back-up system (tropical cyclones, electrical losses, among others)

When it comes to outdoor cameras, I believe that the camera has to record absolutely everything continuously, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, 32Gb is nothing, when the market already has 1TB MicroSd and we can have a record of at least 3-6 months.

For me it was not a WAO! It was something that could not wait any longer and they launched. I hope Wyze make super Upgrades so I can say WAO! and to be able to say that they went above Ring and I will buy not 1 or 2 but 10-13 cameras.


I honestly can’t believe the wyze outdoor cam is battery-only. For less money, I’d rather roll the dice with a wired indoor cam in a “weather-proof” housing.


I’ve had a Pan camera outside for two years. Under a soffit with no case at all. -40 to +100 degree weather.


But but travel mode. Because no one owns an action cam / GoPro. Or a cell phone. Or a camera. Or a V2 and a battery. Whatever. They seem to think this is the product they can sell a lot of, even if it fails to meet the stated needs of the majority of their existing customers. It’s their “ball”.

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But they claim it does meet the needs of the people they surveyed. I’m assuming they ignored the people in the forum.
I knew they weren’t building what I would buy months ago.

You knew it wouldn’t officially support powered operation? Everyone else seems surprised…

Nope but i knew i didn’t want a battery.
WYZE employees actually made it seem as though it would support both battery and being plugged in.

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I like the idea of having a battery in the camera for a backup. But we need the be able to plug in the camera. I was hoping we were going to get this! WYZE IF YOUR LISTENING WE WANT TO PLUG IN THE CAMERA AND KEEP IT WEATHERPROOF. The most important things for me is plugging in the camera and having continuous recording. Wyze did not deliver on either of these with the Outdoor Cam… I hope they will see this and make a second version of Outdoor Cam which will have some of the features if not all that we are requesting!

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I think we’ll see aftermarket cases, replacement port covers and solar panels.

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Probably but we still won’t get continuous recording because it’s not supposed to be plugged in all the time

Not having continuous power is the one thing that made me reconsider ordering the outdoor cam. I occasionally use outdoor cams for continuous live monitoring so it is important.


Which case are u using for the Pan. I was looking at getting some now. Thanks