Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Do you think they need an outdoor/weatherproof Wyze cam? :slight_smile:

Will the outdoor camera be designed for Minnesota, not just California? Besides needing it to be water proof, we have temperature swings from minus 30 to plus 120 degrees… Most “outdoor” cameras I got are only rated for 30-100 degrees and die prematurely.

Several people, including myself, have been using the existing indoor cameras outside. If they can take out I’m sure the outdoor version will.
I am in Eastern Canada. We get temperature fluctuations similar to you, along with high humidity.

The company is based in Seattle. Not quite California conditions :slight_smile:

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So much for having a outdoor camera “Out this Year”…LOL

Yeah, they updated users about this about a month ago.


Ok, so the outdoor model will have some annoying powersaving crud going on?
Nevermind then, ill just grab an indoor one and weatherproof it myself…
I’m not looking for some obscure hunter cam, I just wanna see what’s happening on my driveway…

Think about this, Wyze; If it doesn’t have access to power it probably doesn’t have access to wifi.


They’ve confirmed that it will come with a base station. Presumably that would always have access to WiFi and send wake signals to the cameras whenever you want to view them. And there’s an IR sensor so that it will turn itself on whenever it detects motion.

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And here I was, just hoping they would roll out a simple weatherproofed v2 to stick above my garage… I guess i’ll just fill all the gaps on a v2 with silicone and hope the Dutch weather won’t kill it… Its a risk, but it certainly beats having to deal with powersaving nonsense, replacing batteries all the time, and paying for an extra device…

Why make it so complicated, Wyze?

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A lot of people who are interested in outdoor cameras want battery power, since it’s often more difficult to plug in a camera outside without making modifications to the structure. Having said that, you do have the option to leave it plugged in so that you don’t need to worry about charging up the batteries.


It’s NOT complicated. It seems YOU want Wyze to develop a line of cameras for YOU. If all you need is

buy a V2 and an enclosure. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of V1, Pans and V2’s running as outdoor cams, I’ve 6 V2’s myself running outside and plan to deploy about another dozen, they give such a clearer picture.
And note if you

, including the holes on the back, it might overheat.

This is what I want. I want to power the cam and have battery as a backup. I am hoping i can have the same saving of all video like in the V2 as well.

truthfully a V2, weather proof, with battery, is a really good upgrade in itself.


Could you give a link to the wyze camera housing (that can withstand the rain) you’re using for outdoor use please? I’ve read through a lot of the comments on some posted on Amazon and most are not suited for rain. Please. Id appreciate it

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Frankly, if it needs to survive direct rain, I wouldn’t trust any of them. It’s not an outdoor camera, and I don’t trust that any of the aftermarket housings are THAT level of waterproof. If you were mounting it under an eave, I think you’d be okay, but not in direct rain.

I do not advise it to anyone, but for kicks I have had one in the weather completely unprotected and so far it has survived rain and snow, I do not know how long it will last, but I am sure it will give at some point. I do have others under eaves and in housings.

Again I would not advise using them outdoors unprotected, but I will let you know when it finally does fail.

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It may depend on the type of weather you get. I lived in San Francisco for a while, for example, and I’d probably trust it outdoors there. It “mists” in San Francisco. It doesn’t rain. I live in Florida now. Sometimes when it rains, you can’t get from your car to the front door without looking like you just stepped out of the shower.

Basically, if you wouldn’t put it under a literal shower head, I wouldn’t put it in direct rain, where I live. Haha. But that type of rain doesn’t happen everywhere.

I get bad rainstorms a few times a year, a few snowstorms over the winter, calling for 4 to 8 inches tomorrow. Been out there for about 4 months now. I am honestly surprised it has survived this long.

This is what I’ve been testing for about a month. I’ve had 2 outside in Northern Va.
But what I’ve been using since mid summer is
till Sept in Mississippi and after that moved it to Northern Va.
The owl looks better but is harder to mount.


I’ve had one outside for over a year in Arizona heat and torrential rains using product in the link. I have it pointed down at about 45 degrees. My dad has 2 outdoors in Montana in rain and snow.

HOLACA Protective Weatherproof Housing Cover+Security Mount,with Wall and Ceiling Mount for Wyze Cam V1 V2 and iSmart Alarm Spot Camera, 6 in1 Accessory Kit


Thank you guys i really appreciate the info and links.