Does Wyze plan to make a battery powered camera?

I have several V2 cameras now, but I really need a battery powered outdoor cam. Is Wyze planning one of these soon?

Yes from what I understand the outdoor camera being developed now will be battery powered. Not sure when it will be released but it sounded near to release.

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Cool, thanks for the reply. Considering how stoked I am with Wyze products, I will wait for your battery cam to come out!

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Perhaps just starting with a basic camera that is battery powered would be a good first step in the product line. Such a product would work fine on my front door entry way, as the current camera cannot be placed there as the area lacks an electrical outlet.

The upcoming outdoor camera is battery powered. I have not heard of any other plans but you never know.

Would think expanding the camera business should be a higher priority with greater paybacks than some of the other products taking time and effort; aka: Marketing 101

Honestly don’t know. But they have said the next product to be released will be the outdoor camera. No dates announced yet though.

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I would love to be on the email list once this is launched if these is a list?


I don’t know of a list per se, but when they make product announcements they are usually pretty good at getting the word out. :wink:

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Hi Rbruceporter,

Thanks for the reply! Cant wait for them to launch it soon! Been looking forward for some good outdoor Wyze battery operated cameras.