Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam


This would work with wyze too


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I saw one WYZE update email go out today about the battery powered outdoor camera. Looks like it has been pushed to 2020. From my perspective, you guys are not thinking this right. I would never buy a battery powered camera, inside or outside. With battery powered you are very much exposed to single point of failure, specially when you are away. I know you’ll respond saying remember to change your battery before going on vacation. Not going to happen! How many people out there replace their smoke detectors battery every six month??? Very few.

You guys need to think outside the box and make the outdoor camera baked into the porch lights or driveway lights. Here is the best part, you guys already have the Wyze bulb, you have the Wyze cam; now just build a sleek casing to incorporate the both. There you go, you have just build an awesome non intrusive outdoor security light with camera, that is always connected to power.
There are already some in the market like these Kuna lights. Shouldn’t be a rocket science!


Can you take a screenshot of the email? Haven’t seen that… thanks!



Disappointing. Thanks for the heads up.

It’s right here

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I have Kuna’s, they’re great except for the fees if you want to have your video access for more than a day. Also, anyone wearing a baseball cap can hide their identity. trying or not. As far as function, they’re great and trouble free… 4 yrs and counting.

Ooow, no, I was thinking a form factor much larger, such as at least two 16850s, I get about 2 1.5 days continuous off of that.

While I don’t know for sure, I assume that the hub will handle as many of the energy-intensive functions as possible. Most likely, the outdoor cameras themselves are doing the bare minimum. That’s what @FixItFanatic was talking about above. (And @FixItFanatic – they’ve confirmed that a hub IS a part of the outdoor camera)

Yep, it can, although it doesn’t operate in a different mode when it’s powered. It still sleeps until the PIR sensor wakes it. There’s no continuous recording option, even if it’s powered. When connected to power, I’m hoping the Wyze outdoor camera will function essentially the same as a V2 camera does, but I’m not sure whether that will be the case or not.

The Blink camera doesn’t recharge its batteries at all, and you’re not technically supposed to use rechargables in it. So that means ALL the solar power kits for Blink would need their own internal batteries. If the Wyze ones recharge their own batteries through the USB port (which it sounds like they will) the battery on the solar panel might not be necessary, although the internal batteries still wouldn’t be likely to provide enough power to run it in “continuous mode” without an external battery connected to the panel. But you could certainly put it in an unreachable spot and run it in “battery mode” for years and years probably. But it’s only IF they allow different modes in the first place.

You could make the exact opposite argument just as easily. When your power goes out, you have no eyes whatsoever. If you have something battery-powered, you’re not dead in the water. But anyway, they’re already confirmed that you’ll be able to plug in the camera.

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If it has no continues recording, I have no further interest in wyze’s outdoor cam.

I find it a necessary feature to have since Wyze cams only start recording after motion is triggered and wont show what led up to that event. It would be a different story if it had a rolling 3 second lead on its recording, but at that point its already basically continuously recording. It’s just necessary for good surveillance.

This was one of the ones I was looking at:

I would like to see more battery capacity, as it uses only two 18650 cells, but as noted, unlike the WyzeCam V2, the Blink doesn’t operate continuously.

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Well, they showed an early version of the hardware for the camera back in April and it seems pretty similar to the V2 camera. It looks like it might be slightly larger, but not much.

Used with battery only, it definitely won’t do that. If you plug it in, we’ll see. They haven’t confirmed how it will work when plugged in yet.

The V2 has a 2-second lead. A battery-powered camera wouldn’t be able to offer a lead time, since it wouldn’t start recording anything until the PIR sensor triggers it. But again, that might be a different story when it’s plugged in. We’ll have to wait and see.

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The battery is secondary power. Plug it in if you don’t want to use battery.

Or stick it on a suitably set up solar panel.

I don’t want to have to clime a ladder to change batteries on an outdoor camera. Please provide a wired version.

About 1 in 10 posts in this thread are telling users that the camera is both wired and battery powered.


Hey Wyze. I know that the camera will be battery or wired but, nobody wants to climb a ladder to change batteries but what if you don’t have the option to plug it in?? This is why we need a solar panel option. Now I know everyone will reply with off-brand solar panels that “will work with Wyze” but, wouldn’t it be nice to have a solar panel from Wyze?

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