Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Interesting. Are the battery springs on your XT2s rusting? I’ve got some of those cameras, too. I’ve only had them since July, and I haven’t needed to change the batteries yet, but now I’m curious to look and see if they’re rusted. I’m not sure how that would happen unless water was intruding anyway.

I use this Silicone Paste on my brake caliper sliders it won’t damage rubber.
I put this all around the edges of the blink cameras back where the rubber seal is to ensure a better seal, it is also a dielectric grease so I put it on the battery contacts also to prevent corrosion.
I don’t know if this is necessary but I did it anyway , extra insurance



Not yet but I bet there will be a leak or corrosion of some kind by the end of next summer if I don’t get the dielectric grease on the springs. I use dielectric in my remote controls too, great stuff for the humid south!

Dielectric grease is a must have to maintain clean battery contacts especially outside in the elements. I’m finding that even the plug in prongs on electrical cords are starting to rust because they are being manufactured with a cheaper material. I use it on boat battery terminals too, no more caked up corrosion.

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I thought Wyze was planning to launch outdoor camera by the end of 2019. Is it still happening? Any ETA or status update?


Thank you for sharing this info.

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Looking forward to the release, currently on the fence of buying one or two cameras but also kinda want to wait for the weather proof version!

What batteries leak?
No tell me it isn’t so!

Battery leaks are a big problem in hot humid climate. For example the AA battery back-up in my thermostat died the other day, I opened it up and the batteries had leaked and corroded all over the inside. I cleaned it up and wiped dielectric grease on the contacts. I use dielectric on all my remote controls and outdoor camera battery contacts too. Energizer makes a leak proof battery.

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Easy to steal then.

LiPO’s don’t leak or if they do then often = fire.

I have the feeling you’re imagining non rechargeable batteries whereas I believe the plan is to have some kind of rechargeable battery. That would usually NiMH these days or LiPo. LiPo or related chemistry is far more likely due to it’s greater capacity.

I have been reading through some of the comments. I didn’t see suggested power provision/charging system of an inexpensive Solar Cell (again I may have missed it). Lets use my favorite so far, the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p.

Solar charging is inexpensive and all you need is a decent battery, solar cell and regulator to regulate the voltage/Amps and a housing (simplified of course).

I would think something like…
*a solar charging cell,
*linked to a board with intelligent charging and regulation programmed in,
*linked to a plug in for the battery pack,
*then a leak proof replaceable battery pack, (in the upper part of the housing where a rechargeable flat battery can be placed)
*linked to an Mini USB Alt power port on the existing base
*linked the physical Cam Pan camera which has a large enough housing to put a small fan to move air.

This could all be accomplished using tech available. Housing could be just large enough to allow for some thermal dynamic airflow and the fan would keep it moving, shade of the actual camera body and room for wiring, a replaceable battery pack slot and components. Cost, once in mass production; would be minimal, Retail Price per unit could be around $50 (introductory and sale price $40 and $45) that would include the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Camera, replaceable battery pack, solar cell(s), housing and a mounting bracket or two. Just a rough idea of course, you guy may have already thought of; if not are already ahead of he curve… LOL! :laughing:

I am excited about these cams. My only hope is that they can withstand the Arizona sun. I have 4 cans in my house and will be ordering 2 of the smart locks when available. I would really like to keep Wyze brand for all devices including outdoor cams. Like I said, not much can withstand the Arizona heat so I hope these will.

PLEASE ~~ have a POWERED outdoor camera option!!! Battery operated is a good OPTION… however having plug powered cameras would be a Great option!!!

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It been said repeatedly it will have both.


I have 2 1/2 cans in my house - although where I’m from we say “2 1/2 bathrooms.” Never thought about putting a smart lock on one of those doors. :slight_smile:

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Do you think they need an outdoor/weatherproof Wyze cam? :slight_smile:

Will the outdoor camera be designed for Minnesota, not just California? Besides needing it to be water proof, we have temperature swings from minus 30 to plus 120 degrees… Most “outdoor” cameras I got are only rated for 30-100 degrees and die prematurely.

Several people, including myself, have been using the existing indoor cameras outside. If they can take out I’m sure the outdoor version will.
I am in Eastern Canada. We get temperature fluctuations similar to you, along with high humidity.