Unlock shortcut on Wyze Band & Wyze Watch

Since the auto unlock function never works can we get an unlock shortcut so I don’t have 10 clicks to unlock my door?

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Yes! My wife and I got bands so we could unlock the door on the way back from a run, but nope “security reasons”. At least give us the option or make us enter a code [into the band] or something

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The keypad for the lock has been released.

But, to your concern, I agree that having a shortcut to open the lock is something that is needed. I am at a loss as to why they think it is a security concern. If you lose your band, it won’t do anything on its own. If you lose your phone, someone would have to be able to get into it and they would have to know where you live.

Yep lock with Band but no unlock. :roll_eyes:

If they get into your phone, they can just hit ‘unlock’ on the lock page…

Company says they don’t include a band shortcut for “Unlock Door,” for security reasons. I think it more likely a phone could be lost giving the finder access to your home. I think it less likely to lose the band. Could I be the only with this wish?

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they did say they are considering adding the unlock option…

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Since the band has to be in range of the phone to do anything, if you wanted to use the band as a key the phone needs to be within connection range. How much security risk is that going to be?

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I bought the band so I could unlock the door, did not even think that the feature would not be on the device.


I noticed somewhere we were/are asked the vote on features. Perhaps this is worth a vote.

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I can only get the wyze band to lock the locks and not open them…

Ironically, that was the main reason I bought it.

Is there a way to put some sort of code into the watch so it can be opened?

Typing a code or a swipe pattern? (up down right left…)

it can also expire or require weekly logging into the app. Even further feature delete-able for certain users or lost watches.

I use auto lock so none of the shortcuts for locking will help.

I bought many of the locks and it would be nice to not have to use keys when I am running around the yard. Maybe even a temporary (I’m outside or at the mailbox mode)

Currently support says; Note: For security purposes, you cannot set up an action to unlock the Wyze Lock.

I would like to do an update request for a way to enter a password or encrypted key. Just like the Bluetooth keypad!

Wyze will sell many more watches and lock’s if customers can wear a virtual key around their wrists! Kids, forgetful people, or customers just not having to worry about the physical security of lost key or the hiding of a spare key!


I agree. We need to be able to create a shortcut in the app to open the locks. I don’t hide a key for the door with the lock. And now I either have to disable auto-lock or make sure I always have my phone.
The keypad will help, but I don’t understand their “home security” reasons for not giving the owners and end users what they are asking for.

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though a unlock shortcut would be nice, using Alexa on the band to unlock works great!

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Maybe, I don’t let these intrusive services in my house. Guess autolock will leave me homeless lol


@Ken.S, I don’t have or want Alexa or Google in my house. But, now that we have the Trash Mode and my keypad has arrived, the need is not as high on my list.

Besides, my auto-unlock works great for me.

you don’t need alexa/google listening devices in your house, if u have the wyze band.

That’s what I was using to unlock, I wouldn’t use a alexa/google device within the house to unlock the wyze lock, since most likely I would be unlocking coming from the outside

yes, trash mode is great, we use it all the time!

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“you don’t need alexa/google listening devices in your house, if u have the wyze band.”
Not sure I understand this statement.
I found this thread as I was looking for some reason to keep my band instead of my Fitbit. I thought I could unlock my wyze lock with it, but NOOOOO!
I can’t create a shortcut to unlock my lock with the bankd.

1st, in the alexa app, enable wyze lock unlocking w/ pin…then use alexa on the band to unlock your lock

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We really need a shortcut on the wyze band to unlock the wyze lock. Considering how the auto unlock is nearly hit or miss. Wearing the band tapping unlock door would be quite nice.

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