Unlock shortcut on Wyze Band & Wyze Watch

Couldn’t agree more but I’m afraid they’re never going to do it.

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I don’t understand why though. Not really a safety issue, like an intruder could use it because I have to buy the band, link it to my account with my credentials and also have the watch on when near the lock…

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Welcome to the community! I moved your thread to the wishlist.

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Yeah, the wishlist is where ideas they don’t want to do go to die.

It would be extremely easy to implement if they wanted to, but it seems they’d rather make you tie in Alexa (no thanks!) or buy a keypad, neither of which somehow have the “security reasons” they won’t explain.

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We need more votes on this if we even want it considered.

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How do we vote?

Very top of the page, click vote. Left hand side I believe.

Why dont u get the key pad? Is just 25 with shipping, works great!

I do have the keypad. But I do have to admit walking from the vehicle tapping unlock on my watch would be convenient, plus honestly it should be an option.

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As of today, my auto unlock has been working almost flawlessly for a week or so

Yes mine still doesn’t work. Plus it asks to calibration once a week it seems even with new batteries. The auto unlock worked pretty good for a week with that last update then just went to not working again.

Because I don’t want a keypad and we have bands. Plus maybe we live somewhere that doesn’t allow keypads, or it otherwise won’t work.

Someone could stand outside the window, and yell loudly “Alexa, unlock the front door” and that would suck. This is why I cannot allow Alexa to unlock the doors

Actually they can’t do that. Alexa requires a pin code to unlock the lock using voice. So folks can holler all they want, unless they know your pin they can’t unlock your door that way.


I’m voting for this. If I was really concerned about someone else making it through all the security hoops to open my door I wouldn’t have installed a digital lock. Just put a disclaimer on adding the shortcut and let the customer chose.


That’s good to know, thank you!

Make this feature and I’ll buy a Band or Watch. Don’t and I wont.

Imagine going NCIS on someones smart lock and getting inside, only to get shot seconds later.

I agree with Isaac. The phone is the key for the lock to respond. What are chances that someone has your band and you’re not close enough with your phone to see the intruder?

Why would someone have your band? That isn’t how that product works.