Wyze lock--is it actually reliable?

I’ve been wanting a smart lock for our house for a while, and am interested in the Wyze Lock. The reviews I’ve seen all say that the auto unlock isn’t reliable, which is the most important feature for me. However, I know from my experience with other Wyze products that software updates are pretty frequent, and all of the reviews I see are from a year ago or more. Have their been improvements to the Wyze Lock? Can any real world users give me their thoughts and impressions of it? Thanks!

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Less than a zero chance that I would trust Wyze with my front door lock. Too many quality control issues on their products requiring the end user to research, trouble shoot, create logs, email logs, follow up on emailed logs becuase there is no one who responds to them, Etc. it’s exhausting

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I’ve had the door lock for just about a year and it has worked very well. I can’t really give you a strong impression of the auto unlock feature as I’ve only used it a few times (which did work) My family mainly uses the accessory keypad to unlock the door. I think the main problem with the auto unlock is that it uses geofencing and bluetooth to unlock the door and if you don’t go outside of a predetermined distance, it won’t unlock. So for people walking the dog or what not usually don’t go far enough away from home to trigger the feature. When I tried it the few times, it unlocked when I arrived home from work. Hope that helps.


Mine worked great for a year and a half. When I changed internet providers I had a problem getting it changed over. But this was resolved until this evening. A power outage of course has the internet down and my lock keeps unlocking itself. NOT OK! I’ve reported this to support. I’m about to scrap the lock and go with a different brand.

Fair product, Lousy support, Wyze could care less about its current customers

Cold day in hell. I’ve had mine since 2020, they are sending me a replacement due to a design flaw in its adapter plate… the tiny screws securing the lock body to the adapter plate on the door are small and finely threaded and screw into an aluminum adaprter plate. The weakness of these fine threads is obvious after some time, when, as a result of normal usage, they just pull through. Do you think they just have a replacement plate?!? Oh, no… gotta replace the whole damned unit. Cheap Chinese made garbage. At least they don’t charge a lot for them.
The software has had issues too… I’ve gone round-and-round, on the phone, emails, and on these forums trying to get the geofence to work. Never has. "oh, we’re working on an update to that! Just you wait and see!’ Still unreliable. And the Wyze Wizards don’t respond. Ever. They just don’t care.
Wyze has been a nightmare to deal with. Their customer support from the Phillipines is useless. Getting things done takes multiple calls, they send you the wrong stuff, and are twice as pleased if they can make it arrive over a week late.
If it wasn’t for these forums, I would’ve given up long ago. Their customer support over COVID was even worse, then they send out an e-mail “oh, we have New funding now, we’re gonna be your new best friend”!
Yeeeaaahhh… that’s not how it has worked out. I’d recommend someone else, however my experience with the August lock is that the unit was so bad straight out of the box (2 years ago) that I returned it after a month. Both the Schlage and Yale have real glitchy software if you sift through the reviews. How the Wyze gets almost 5 stars defies logic, likely paid endorsers, newbies and/or bots. Spend a while on these boards and you’ll see what long term customers think of this lock, which Wyze has just let die-on-the-vine with a lack of support or development. And the less said about the no-name Chinese stuff, the better! However, the Ultraloq looks promising… I might try them. Can’t treat me much worse than Wyze has! =-(

I’ve had mine since early Feb and am really happy with it. I don’t use any of the auto lock functions although I have tested them (not extensively) and they seemed to work fine when I did.

I do use the auto unlock and while it has not been 100% for me it has been decent. It does work on blue tooth and I run the app on multiple devices, so I suspect the times that it does not work, it’s because the blue tooth is connected to one of the devices in the house and so doesn’t pick up on my mobile when I approach the door (I’m assuming the lock can only maintain one blue tooth connection at a time? ).

I added the keypad in early April and have been very happy with the combo. There are 5 of us in the house and it gets used many times a day (the kids love to lock the door and then unlock it every time they come in :rofl: ).

As pointed out by others, battery life could probably be better but I don’t have anything to compare it to. With the lock in use for 3.5 months, and 2 of those months the temperatures well below freezing, I’m sitting at 43% battery level. So it’s looking like I’ll be changing the batteries about twice a year. It’s always nice to get more battery life out of anything, but for the convenience of the lock, I won’t complain about this battery interval.

The remote lock and unlock have worked every time and have been convenient when someone has forgotten to lock the door when we’ve left, or to let a visitor in while they are waiting for us to get home. Absolutely no complaints about this function.

I like the fact that I can still use my key and you can’t tell from the outside that the Wyze Lock is installed (other than the keypad that is now near the door).

From my experience so far, I would purchase again, and recommend it to anyone looking for this type of set up.

Agreed, I like the Wyze Products I have, but am not at a point where I would trust any thing from Wyze Controlling my front door access. That said, I do have the Wyze Lock on my access door to the attached garage.

I enjoy how it autolocks after 10 minutes after closing the door.

I also like the auto unlock when I pull into the garage. Today, I discovered that turning off my Bluetooth while away from home due to the iPhone’s battery almost being dead, that it did not auto open the door for me… apparently it’s using Bluetooth to unlock the lock…

So, I like it in the garage, where it’s not controlling access to the front door, but behind my garage door.


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As for me, it works only too well. I had it set for 5 mins and kept locking myself out of the tiny house I have in the back 40. It’s now set to 30 mins.