Wyze Lock - auto-lock works only if the door is open?

Recently I’ve replaced my August Smart Lock Pro (over 1-year use) with Wyze Lock. I’m still in the testing period to see the pros/cons of both.

1st main “issue” for me regarding Wyze is the fact, Auto-Lock function is working only if you open/close the door. If for example you manually unlock but you change your mind and you will not exit the lock will not Auto-Lock.

Is it something that I’m missing or maybe my unit is defective?

Yes. That is how my lock works. Have you tried Customer Service? They can be helpful sometimes. Also, see if there is anything relevant to your search on YouTube or Google.

My experiences with WYZE customer service have been disappointing. My experience with WYZE is mixed. There are features that I purchased my lock for that have never worked fully (Auto Unlock), and WYZE has not really improved either the lock hardware or the software in any manner obvious to me since it was released in '19. Competitors are releasing products with biometrics (!!) for about the same price as the WYZE, and this lock continues on while WYZE concentrates on the cameras and thier new monitoring service. I see no indication of a new lock on the horizon either.

I’m probably going to upgrade in the near future, maybe the U-Bolt (which is really really neat) or maybe bite the bullet and buy the Schlage in the hope that it is better than its reviews suggest. I really am disappointed with my WYZE purchase, and I’m grateful that I bought the rest of my alarm from someone else.

Check out this lock: Amazon.com

It is compact, integrates biometrics DOES AUTO LOCK and AUTO UNLOCK and includes biometrics! To bad it won’t work with Alexa.

This whole area in the market is very new. The various manufacturers have a very long way to go. Even the best makers are hitting a lot of balls and strikes. It kind of reminds me of cell phones back in the '90’s or laptops in the early 2000’s.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

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