Wyze Lock Bolt Survey 6/13/22


My name is Shanee and I’m a Product Manager at Wyze. We would like to learn more about how customers feel about door locks and Lock Bolt. BTW, any information you provide will only be used for improving our products and will not be shared outside of Wyze. This survey should take 3 minutes or less to complete.

Thanks for your help!


Survey link: https://forms.gle/bpk4zCNDLMmWZDwA8


Just a comment on the survey structure, Question 2 should have an option for:
N/A - I do own a Lock Bolt

But we can mark “other” at the bottom and say that. Also, I suppose I can also answer it based on why I don’t have a second one, and only chose 1 (no wifi or door position detection) or I’d have 4 of these instead of just 1).

This was an interesting question:

I was just telling my family in the last week or so that it would be so cool to have Wyze make locks that would work for different kinds of doors, including indoor doors, like a smart doorknob for bedrooms and my home office and storage room, locks for sliding doors, my backyard fence, my pool gate, etc. I would get a BUNCH of all of those!!!

I’d also like a pet door that would only allow in MY pets. We have had strays sneak in our kitty door and start fights with our cats. It would be nice to prevent that…current options are pretty expensive and in need of some good ol’ Wyze disruption. :slight_smile:

Really excited that you appear to be in early stages of researching the demand and possibility of other locks. Please make them at least WiFi optional though. :slight_smile: Then they can double as door sensors/contact sensors too. :slight_smile: Maybe as an extension to the HMS service.

Hopefully enough people show interest in it. I’m going to share the link to this survey on the Wyze Discord server to get some more people to answer it.

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Complete and concur with @carverofchoice first comment.
I marked other and commented that I own the bolt.


Curious survey.

Lol, I had to do a double take on why you got different questions than me, then it became obviously a joke as I read further on :rofl: You had me going until I read past the first question.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I added that option in the second question.

You should post a video of the strays fighting your cats :slight_smile: It’s too funny (though serious I’m sure).


I totally would! The problem is that the cat door they keep sneaking into is in my teenage daughter’s bedroom, so they fight in her room, and because it’s a bedroom, we understandably don’t have cams in there! So sadly, I only hear screeching, hissing, scrambling, and thumping noises until the intruder leaves…and see him running away on the outdoor cams.

I really hope you guys develop a lot more lock options for other uses like indoor doors, or doorknobs or sliding doors, etc! I will get a bunch…but that’s not saying much since I already have more than a couple of hundred Wyze devices and buy almost everything Wyze makes. :rofl:

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Which we all know happens promptly at 3:27AM

Yes, about half the time…but they are night predators, so not too surprising. On the bright side, I am usually still awake, working in my office and rush into my daughter’s room, which scares the intruder and makes him bust out of their like a scared-y cat and me seeing fur floating everywhere and all over my daughter’s floor and my cats all puffed up and surprisingly happy to see me. :slight_smile:



No mention about bathroom door locks? I added it in “other”. Can’t remember a home that didn’t have this.

Yes, bathroom would have been a good distinction to make.

I mostly assumed they just lumped in bathroom doors with the generic “Interior doors (wood)” option in the 6th question, and in the 7th question it was lumped in with: “I put locks on interior doors (bedroom, office, closet, etc) to keep children or pets out” and “I put locks on interior doors for visiting family or friends’ privacy”

But I agree that the bathroom would’ve been a good distinction for when/where we use locks inside, since almost every private bathroom I’ve even has locks on the doorknob.

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Why not fix your current broken [Mod Edit] first!??

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This may not sound very significant to you all, but it’s very meaningful to me so I share.
It would be great to have the numbers on the pad include letters like the dial pad of telephone. This makes it easier to remember a number, by creating a sequence of numbers like letters.
so if my code is 87246 it could be easily remembered as “TRAIN”. try it!

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OK but you’d have to tell us your address first. :wink:

@carverofchoice Thought this might appeal to you. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petvation/petvation-the-smart-automatic-pet-door-powered-with-ai/description


So awesome! Thanks for sharing @WyzeShanee ! Exactly the type of thing I’d love to have! :heart_eyes_cat:

The only thing missing for me is the Wyze logo and Wyze integration (rules, etc). :wink: So pitch/show that example to VP Steve too. :grin: You guys already have a great AI team! Half way there!

I’ve seen and considered other cat doors that use an NFC chip (ie on the collar) instead, but I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Also still trying to convince myself to fork out the money for a self-cleaning litter box… But they’re so insanely expensive (another area needing some Wyze disruption). So far I have a teenager who can do that… It’s basically her ONLY chore (long story) and the reason I let my girls have cats despite my extremely high allergies to them

My allergy test level

On a scale of 0-100, Level 4 High severity is anything 1.41-3.90, and Severity Level 5 “VERY HIGH” is any reaction between 19.01 and 100. My Cat Dander Allergy severity is 99.70 out of 100, and I live with multiple CATS!!! :crazy_face::mask::rofl:

The things I put up with for my girls and those little fuzzballs. :slight_smile: Doctor’s face was classic when I told him “No, I am not getting rid of our cats.”… He was probably considering whether he had the grounds to institutionalize me against my will. :rofl:

I take some allergy meds to help… But my allergies (I have some others too) don’t rule my life, I rule them. :grin:

Wyze used to be a purely "Red Ocean Strategy"business model for so many years: Only pick products that already had a huge market and then just fight for a piece of that existing market share by making things more affordable, and disrupt the market that way (and I love this and fully support it continuing!)

I’ve been extremely excited and impressed with Wyze doing so many creative and innovative things lately though. Wyze is starting to branch out to more of a “blue ocean strategy” mindset where it doesn’t always matter if there is a preexisting large market for something. If the team comes up with a good idea, sometimes you make it happen, innovate, and make competitors chase you with things being worked on. I’m loving some of the creative and innovative concepts and solutions being researched and developed regardless of pre-established markets or existing companies offering them, or sometimes Wyze doing them differently than everyone else (ex: the camera/AI garage door controller), but also things not really done by any major market (Cam Plus Pro full home monitoring with just a cam; friendly Faces possibly doing things like not set off the alarm, Wyze Anything Recognition project, things VP Steve just mentioned in his recent AMA, and so many other things)

Keep up the great work Wyze Team!

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