Low cost version of smart bolt (interior deadbolt lock)

I was sitting on my bed looking at my closet door and thinking, "Boy, I wish wyze would offer a smart bolt for the price of $25 that I could use on my closet doors because I am tired of my wife taking my stuff without asking my permission. "

So, now I am taking this idea from mind, putting on a thread and sending it out into the universe so that Wyze can manifest it into reality.

For inside doors I’ve been hoping they would create a door knob lock. I want one for my home office, my master bedroom, my furnace room and sump pump (keep visiting kids out), maybe my walk-in pantry, my door to the basement, etc. Then I wouldn’t have to cut special deadbolt holes, etc.

But I do love the lockbolt. I wonder how hard it would be to do a cost down version.