Survey for users without a smart lock


My name is Shanee and I’m a Product Manager at Wyze. We want to learn more about how customers feel about smart locks. Any information you provide will only be used for improving our products and will not be shared outside of Wyze. The survey should take 3 minutes or less to complete.

Thank you for your help!


Survey link:






Thanks y’all!


Survey completed, glad to help!

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Completed, Thanks.

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Done - thanks!

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Maybe it’s too late, but I’ve completed it.

I was curious as to why not survey those of us that do have a Wyze Lock already? (your survey stated “used for improving our product” So, I filled out the survey as well,

My ‘distrust’ of the Wyze Lock to be on my Main Front door, but wanting to try it on the door that accesses my Garage from the main house is the reason I submitted the survey.

Based on my experiences with the door that it’s installed on at present, I’m happy with the device with the exception of the fact that apparently it doesn’t like rechargeable batteries,

From a “Save the Landfill form piles of Depleted Batteries Department”, I would think would be the last thing Wyze would want to contribute to.

I’ve just about run through my first set of batteries with my Wyze Lock, and might take a chance on a set of these Tenavolt Lithium Rechargeable AA batteries:

thank you for your time,

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Where can I order a Wyze smart lock? I see on this forum many people install the Wyze lock on their doors and are completely fine with it. My door is quite old, and the lock breaks often. I don’t want to replace the whole door because the oldness makes it unique and special. It also has a specific odor that spreads all over the flat. By the way, I first heard about Wyze from my locksmith near me sw6.

P.S. I fulfilled the survey.

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Original Wyze lock here (keep in mind it requires a deadbolt for the front side, and you might want to add the keypad with it):

The Newer “Lock Bolt” that just came out is here:

Both are awesome depending on your needs, so read through them and make sure you know what you want. Most likely you were told about the second one (the Lock Bolt) since it is an all-in-one deadbolt…but I listed both options just in case.

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