Battery Camera Survey & Giveaway!


My name is Hongfei and I am a Product Manager at Wyze. I have some questions about battery-powered wireless cameras (excluding video doorbells) and would like to hear your thoughts on them.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will remain completely confidential.

Here is the link to the survey:

You will automatically be entered into the giveaway upon completing the survey and including your name and email in the last question. We will draw 3 lucky winners from all participants in 2 weeks. Each winner will receive a Wyze product as our way of saying thank you!

Once again, thank you for being a part of our journey, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts through the survey!



submitted my responses. Thanks for the opportunity.


Questions a very poorly worded…“If included…”, “If not included…”


I will let them know thank you for the feedback.


I thought the survey was easy enough to understand, even if the way some sections were phrased in a way I wouldn’t have expected. I gave 'em the benefit of the doubt and did my best. :man_shrugging:


I don’t use battery powered cams but would be willing to try.

Thanks for asking. We appreciate the surveys.

I think it is kind of smart to do it the way they did when doing market research so it can help to know to invalidate the results from people who just click the same answer on both sections without actually reading it so it doesn’t actually affect the overall info they’re trying to get honest answers for. This is a huge problem in survey research, so it’s best practices to incorporate varying kinds of control questions. This is one of the kinds of methods suggested to accomplish that. Others include having the question tell a person to select a certain answer (and if they don’t, then you just delete their whole survey because they were obviously marking random answers, not answering honestly). When Gwendolyn created several surveys, a couple of times they actually asked me for feedback before they published them, I even once recommended they create a few control questions (type of their choosing) so they could more easily filter out fake submissions.

As for the survey questions…How cool would it be if they made something with all those features in the question!!! Like a battery solar powered dual lens pan cam with 4K wide angle that can record continuously and track AI objects with Local Edge AI detection?


Yes Please…

Uh…but please add RTSP/Home Assistant integration. Maybe better FPS and Bitrate if the camera is plugged into power or has a mostly full battery. Maybe to conserve power, only have the lower power lens run on lower resolution and FPS until it detects an AI object, then turn on the higher quality with more power and track the object. That would be a great Pro device!


I recall seeing some of those…. :thinking:

I hadn’t considered that. Having it be, like, “oh, this is a battery-powered camera, but you have the option to just plug it in (not just solar) wherever you’re going to use it, too—your choice” would be dope.

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Yes, but the wording was awkward for the reverse questions. “How would you feel if it doesn’t…” I get the “Hate it and Live with it” but “Love it” is weird when it comes to not having features. Should be something like Don’t Care or No Big Deal.
I don’t think I’ve ever said I’d love for something to not have features. I may not use them, but “No Big Deal” :slight_smile:


Thanks for the opportunity for input. It’s good to see you are thinking about more options in battery cams.

Fair point. :+1:

I filled it out, even though I never tried a Wyze battery camera. The big reasons I was never interested in them could change if some of the features in the survey were implemented such as solar, bigger swappable batteries, pan/tilt, and 24/7 recording. Basically bringing them on par with a powered Wyze cam, but being able to put anywhere.


I have four Wyze Cam Battery Pro’s and I really love them. They do support Solar and direct power and have the option of adding an SD card set to continuous recording. I also bought mine with an extra charger and two extra batteries so all of your requests are already available. I will say that if you use a Wyze Solar Panel and set it to record continuously, it will still run the battery down fairly quickly. Two of mine are mounted to the garage and pump house and both are connected directly to power and never run out. I live in Northern WA so I haven’t had a chance to test the solar connected cams over a few days of sunshine back to back in continuous mode because we haven’t had enough sunny days yet. These two I started using in late November when our days are quite short and wet. I’ll try again when we get a week of sunshine.

If not HomeKit compatible then at least include RTSP and/or keep api available for 3rd parties as is currently for things like docker wyze bridge. Although would prefer native HomeKit.

I would suggest you conduct phone/facetime interviews with Wyzecam customers that have a significant installed base of Wyze battery cams. Talk to your customers that have skin in the game and actual experience with the product.

I think they are expensive. But what bugs me the most the roku cameras just like wyze. Yet they the roku camera can add to tv but wyze can not.

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Pardon my ignorance, are you saying that your battery cams are connected directly like the wired V3, V4 and V3Pro? Do you mind explaining how did you achieve this?

Agree, found that wording awkward and tried to address some aspects in my comments sections to better describe what I like and don’t like aa out battery cams. But overall, I’m glad it’s an open survey not just restricted to existing Wyze battery cam users. Good to get perspective from users of other brands as well as those who’ve avoided battery cams due to their various reasons.

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