Battery Camera Survey & Giveaway!

FWIW, I had the good fortune to be selected for another brand of battery cam beta test last year. Even though at former location I never had a serious need, I found placing on a tree looking back at my front entry offered a far better view than the doorbell cam that was on a side wall so missed approaching people until on the stoop and only saw the back side of people at the door. Plus the tree view was not blown out by the sun for half a day. The other brand gives me features without subscription lacking from Wyze even for camlite on my v2. So I was able to offer those feature descriptions in the survey - hopefully they read them! In my new location, I do not have any decent locations near my external power to mount the v2s so the battery cam is back in use in the backyard this time. Plus it’s looking like the south facing doorbell cam here is once again getting blown out by the sun only now it’s most all day. So I’ll be deploying my other battery cam similarly looking back at the front from a tree.

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It seems no different than any other Wyze Cam in that sense. The USB/charging port is on the bottom. While charging it I noticed the camera worked normally so I just mounted my Battery Pro under the eve of my pump house and ran a USB cable to the inside AC plug. I use the Solar panel where I don’t have AC access but it works great plugged straight to power with the battery installed. I haven’t tried to see if it would work without the battery installed. I don’t think that would work but maybe. I believe being plugged into power is just keeping the battery charged better than the solar panel does.

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I guess battery will ride out power blips or outages for as long as your wifi stays running. But any other benefit over say a v3 that I’m not seeing?

Great idea. I need to plant a tree.

At old house, we had a big oak out front about 20 ft from front door. At new house we have quite a few out back so was easy to locate it. Only a young maple out front but I think I can tie wrap the base to the first branch at the crotch for a stable position. Being black, these tend to blend in better than white cases so are less obvious.

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I agree.
I do own 3 of them though, but 2 of them I bought a power cord for. The other doesn’t have that option.

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I have three of these cameras. Survey forces signing into Google to complete…… no thanks suggest different survey platform.

I am still having the same problem 2 notifications for every one event I really think WYZE either can’t or have no intentions of fixing my problem i have reported it and done all the suggested attempts to fix it and still the same problem happens I will never buy another WYZE product
Thanks for asking
Michael Perlitz

The included / not included might have been ok, but combined with using the same response choices make the whole thing feel a bit confusing.

Agree, felt awkward trying to answer, not included responses should be more like: I must have it, I’m neutral, I don’t need it… kind of hard to love a feature not offered.

I think this survey could be better written. Question you did not ask is what type of property you have. I clicked single family but actually live on a rural property (20Ha).

My redneck solution to battery cams was to install 400w solar panel on the building, MPPT controller, LiPo4 battery, inverter, WiFi range booster and 2 outdoor cams. This works really well, but costly.

Now that you understand the needs, you should better understand the features that will get sales.

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Roku and Wyze are now partnered with each other. Not sure if they have the same customer service or not though. I’d be interested in knowing this as well.

I would hardly call it “Partnered” unless things have changed enormously in the last few days.

Yes, their hardware looks alike – because they both buy the same hardware from the same factory in China – which is quite common for cheap consumer-grade electronics.

Most Chinese factories will slap anyone’s company name and model number on anything they make so long as the company is willing to buy a few thousand of whatever it is. BUT this case is a little different. The cheap cameras being made with the Roku name on them LOOK identical to the cheap cameras being made with the Wyze name on them, but they also have completely different firmware.

The firmware is what makes the cameras work – particularly what makes them connect to A network – they will each connect to your home wi-fi network, but the cameras labeled Roku connect only to the Roku servers and the cameras labeled Wyze connect only to the Wyze servers.

In theory it might be possible to re-flash a camera with the other company’s firmware, but in the real world there isn’t any way for customers to do that. This has been discussed elsewhere in the forum before.

According to this forum maven they did partner. Did wyze sell out to roku? - #2 by WildBill

I’m not a maven, but I spend way too much time here.

Wyze and Roku have a partnership. Roku uses a customized version of the Wyze App and firmware. The product lines are not compatible and you cannot flash firmware from Wyze on Roku devices nor vice-versa. To the best of my knowledge, they do not share support, but I’m not sure on that since I don’t have any Roku devices.

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Sorry, Jody, but if you bothered reading the thread that you linked you would have seen that it said the same thing I did – this “partnership” is just that they both use the same hardware bought from the same Chinese factory and they both hire the same Chinese programmers to write their app.

They look alike other than the name – but they are completely separate and incompatible.

If you (or they) want to call that a “partnership” you (and they) are welcome to abuse the language.