Wyze Lock Bolt is so darn good

I had the same issue as well. They sent me a replacement so will see how long it lasts. If you search lock bolt on the forums you will see a bunch of people that have had problems with this product.

I have 3 as well. Work great. Just wish it worked with Home Assistant

I have two of the original Wyze locks. I really like the style and price of the bolt, and especially like the fingerprint feature and built-in keypad. The one feature the bolt is missing, which is my favorite feature of the original lock, is auto-unlock. It can be buggy at times, but auto-unlock works for me 95% of the time and I love that.

Actually, now that I think about it, I also ask Alexa to lock the door pretty frequently, so I would miss that as well. For me the perfect lock would be a Wi-Fi/Alexa enabled Wyze Bolt with some sort of auto unlock feature.



Good things to note @WyzeShanee.

Things to add:

  1. Camera
  2. Some sort of Wi-Fi adapter or base station to allow a wi fi connection
  3. Sensor to determine door open or close status to enable auto-locking at appropriate times
  4. 3rd party integration (requires that Wi-Fi connection)
  5. (My own personal one) Facial Recognition unlocking via Wyze Video Doorbells

I DO love mine! Keeps my shop door a lot more secure.


@WyzeMatt ,
I have a ticket open with Wyze about my LockBolt. It’s a great product and it fits my needs perfectly, but I think there’s something in the pin code software that needs to be addressed.

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What doesn’t work right for you in the pin code software?

I can type any series of numbers as long as my 4 digit pin appears ANYWHERE in that series. I set a Pin to be 3355. I was able to type 99335511 Unlock. and it unlocked. I tried 033550000 Unlock. and it unlocked. Following this theory all of these codes could be the users PinCode and work. (1233, 2335, 3355, 3557, 5578). when typing 12335578 Unlock.

I changed my pin to 7107 I then typed 890432416’7107’993473 Unlock. It Unlocked. BruteForceing that just gave me 16 different codes that might have opened the lock.

That is a feature named “anti-peep technology” and advertised in Lock Bolt marketing material.


This explains exactly what I was seeing.
I received the lock as a gift and I don’t think any of that marketing material is in the packaging. Only the QuickStart guide. 2 separate support tickets and they just wanted to Warranty my lock. Next time if I have any questions I’ll come to the Forum First.


No problem and glad to help! :+1: I’ll see if I can get Wyze to advise Customer Support of this feature and clear up your support tickets.




I so much agree.
I think it’s my best Wyze product.

Got close to 20 months on my first battery set.
And for the lack of WiFi, it’s actually the reason why I bought it.


The original Wyze scale was also an excellent product! I have never had a problem with it, just change the batteries and go!


That’s so true.

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I am very unhappy with customer service about a return I was trying to do. I bought the Wyze lock combo, but now realize that I do not need the keypad and would like to return it. I was told that because it was part of the combo I could not return it.
I do not want or need it as I am satisfied with how the lock functions and feel it isn’t necessary for my needs.