Secure your own Wyze Lock Bolt today! - 4/19/22

Check out Wyze Lock Bolt, a Bluetooth smart lock that unlocks with a tap of your finger in just 0.5 seconds. It’s built with a backlit keypad, IP65 weather resistance, and a beautiful matte black finish, to replace your existing deadbolt. Review who came and went in the Wyze app, program codes, store fingerprints, set access schedules and much more. :closed_lock_with_key:

Which Wyze Lock Bolt feature are you most excited about, Forum Friends? :grin:


Can the Lock bolt be defeated with a magnet, strong or weak, from the outside?


What happens if the Wyze Lock Bolt “disconnects” from the WIFI? Will I be locked out of my home? My cameras “disconnect” all of the time.
What happens if the Internet Provider goes down? Can I still get into my home?

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It doesn’t use WiFi.


Would never buy a smart lock without a key. What happens when the electronics fail.


Electronics never fail. lol…

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Because this is blue-tooth only, will you not get notifications when you are out (at work, etc) of someone unlocking the door, or will the app itself still notify you?


Would you be able to use the Wifi to Bluetooth adapter that comes with the Wyze lock with the Wyze Bolt Lock to make it wifi enabled as well?

Anyone know if the new Wyze Lock Bolt works with thicker 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" doors?

I’ve secured mine… :slight_smile:

It detects a bolt jam, but what happens when it jams and no one’s inside? how do you unjam it then?

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The how to install video shows support for both

The lock bolt connects via bluetooth, this one is not WiFi enabled. You will still be able to get into your house in the Internet Provider goes down.

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Agree a key back-up would be great. Interestingly enough, however, I almost bought this similar one today because it was one of my Amazon deals. Our existing handle is satin nickel. so hopefully WYZE will offer it in different finishes.

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Ah, I watched the video just now, and while it shows a 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" backset in their little schematic, I meant the actual door thickness. In their video it shows support for 1-3/4 and 1-3/8 thickness, but I was wondering if it supported 2" thickness as I have a wood door thats a bit thicker.

For other lock kits, I need to buy the “thick door kits” they usually sell alongside them. Does this one have it too?

I’d be concerned about getting locked out if the mechanism fails or motor goes out. My last door lock was a keypad/keyless entry but it could also be unlocked with a key. Good thing, too, because the motor went out and we wouldn’t have been able to get in. Luckily, a friend had a spare key to our house so we could enter. If there was no keylock as well, we’d have had to have broken a window or my patio door to get in, likely.

The gateway for the Wyze Lock is not currently compatible with the Wyze Lock Bolt

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The ad mentioned a $10 discount for Cam Plus subscribers after they have logged in. I have the Unlimited Cam Plus subscription. I’ve logged in and gone through the process of adding the item to my cart and when I get to the Payment info, there is no discount shown. Anyone else having this issue? I’m hesitant to complete the purchase without seeing the discount.

I just logged in and when I go to the Wyze Lock Bolt page after logging in it shows a $10 discount. Are you doing this on the website or in the app?

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