Lock Bolt with Wi-Fi?

The Lock Bolt has everything I am looking for except remote access. I want to get notifications when it is unlocked and be able to control it remotely. Are there any plans to add Wi-Fi to this product? I know the original Lock will do this but I don’t want to have a keyed lock outside or a separate mounted keypad.

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The lock bolt doesn’t have the hardware capable of WiFi connectivity.

However, Wyze is using the video doorbell pro CHIME to act as a bridge to allow the lock to have some LIMITED connectivity. Currently I believe it can only be used to lock and unlock the bolt from the VDBP live view, but it seems like this functionality could be expanded into notifications and anything else easily.

There’s plenty of wishlist posts for this you could vote for to let Wyze know you want it.


@IEatBeans - I think that we understand that it doesn’t have the hardware for wifi. @cncb, myself, and likely others would like Wyze to add the hardware to make it wifi capable.

I have a Wyze Lock with gateway for a hidden door. It works great. My new Wyze Lock Bolt works great, but it doesn’t have rules, apparently because it doesn’t have wifi. Ideally, it should have the capability to interface with an existing gateway so it can handle rules and notifications and so I don’t have to buy another gateway. I put my Wyze Lock Bolt on my wood shop door. I’d like to know if anyone, especially my grandkids, has figured out the lock code - they are smart and crafty - and gotten in a place where they can injure themselves. Because there are no notifications, I will have to add a Wyze Cam to my shop to provide notifications and to turn on the shop lights.