Notifications for Wyze Lock Bolt

It would be nice to have a notification pop up when the Wyze Lock Bolt is locked or unlocked.

Please note that Lock Bolt has no WiFI or Internet connectivity, but it does have Bluetooth. I’m hoping Wyze can develop a viable Bluetooth solution to support this request.


If/ when Notifications are available to set up, please add the option to receive notifications when the “lock is jammed” (cant/ doesn’t lock). Depending on the time set before it autolocks, you could be too far away, or in your car, to hear the alarm on your door.


I share the same sentiment. The lock bolt is by far the best on the market but just lacks notifications.


I love the lock but the I think not having the ability to know if the door is locked or unlocked or if it fails to lock/jams is a serious and huge drawback of this product… it is its biggest and really only shortcoming now that the ability to unlock it from the doorbell pro has been added.

I beg Wyze to figure a way out to approach this as soon as possible. Maybe a seprate bluetooth module/hub for those that would want this feature.

Just the ability to see the status of the lock and get vital notifications like locked/unlocked/failure to lock/jams would knock this product out of the park in its class… especially with its price point.


Why isnt it connected to the rest of the Wyze ecosystem?


It makes the product almost useless. They list bluetooth, but I thought that was in addition to the normal Wyze connectivity (eco system). Even when paired with the doorbell pro, you can only unlock it. What kind of insanity is that? You can unlock it remotely and then not lock it? Why on earth would I ever unlock it? Someone forgets to lock it when leaving as you are screwed?

This is the only Wyze product that I dislike and feel cheated by.


It lacks more than notifications. You cant remotely lock or unlock it. I dont know wyze created a product that has bluetooth only and doesnt connect to their ecosystem.

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Wyze Lock Bolt was purpose-built to satisfy users’ security concerns and requests for a non-IOT deadbolt lock with local-only smart features. Reference for additional info and possible future connectivity solution:

From what I understand you can connect the Wyze Bolt to the Wyze Doorbell which is connected to Wi-Fi. I haven’t done this, but does this connection enable status notifications for the bolt?

I recently purchased a Doorbell Cam Pro + Wyze Bolt combo. The doorbell does allow you to remotely unlock the door by serving as a WiFi to Bluetooth bridge. Disappointingly, it only provides the functionality of remote-unlock but nothing more - you cannot lock remotely, check the lock’s status or receive notifications (setting up auto-lock after X seconds/minutes helps with not being able to lock remotely). I cannot think of a technical limitation which would prevent supporting the additional functions via firmware enhancements to both products.

Overall, I’m very happy with the doorbell and the lock although I’d love the additional functionality. The quick unlock via fingerprint is super convenient.

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I completely agree. I knew there would be some limitations without some kind of “gateway”…

But the fact that you can ONLY unlock even after pairing with the Doorbell is absolutely INSANE to me. Why can’t it do both?! It’s literally the exact same action, just in reverse…

Also, it’s a lock, the fact it can only remotely unlock feels wrong… like if all of a sudden Steph Curry (one of the greatest shooters in basketball history) was only allowed to play defense, like WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!

Also, the lack of notifications is TREMENDOUSLY disappointing, but it’s not as egregious as a lock not being able to lock via the same method it can be unlocked…

@UserCustomerGwen only mentioning you because I’ve seen a few comments/replies from you and I’m genuinely concerned about the lack of this feature. Any ideas?

I have had the Wyze lock bolt for a long time and he’s no issues with it. I would receive notification for lock/unlock. Door open/close. I could also lock and unlock remotely. Then all of a sudden it stopped.
I replaced it with the one that has the key pad thinking maybe it was just old, same thing with the new one. I get no notifications at all.
I am really disappointed with it. I had contacted them even talked to them on the phone and said something about an upgrade or bug fix. But everything is up to date.
Has anyone heard anything different. Or when they will fix.

Even better having notifications is to be able to use the Wyzel Bolt Lock in our Shortcuts and Rules. Unless I am missing something, it does not show in my rules. Has anyone been able to connect the lock through Alexa? I can view my cameras through Alexa and I can controll all lights and plugs via Alexa or Google but not the lock.

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