Low battery notification on deadbolt

My Wyze deadbolt doesnt have a notification for low battery, I have it connected to my Alexa and had been thinking I was locking and unlocking my door, When I looked at the app I really hadnt for a couple weeks. It would be nice to get a notification when the battery is getting low.

Just to clarify…which deadbolt do you have?

You tagged lock-bolt in the title (this is the newer black one with a fingerprint reader and originally had no internet at all), but then you said it was connected to Alexa to lock and unlock it (the black one shows up there because the Alexa Wyze skill sees it is in the Wyze app, but it has never worked with Alexa because it didn’t actually have internet). This one doesn’t send battery notifications because it hasn’t actually had internet access to send any notifications (though Wyze appears to be working on letting us link it to the VDBPro, so maybe it will be possible in the future). For now, you have to notice when the LED starts flashing OR log into the app, connect to the lock-bolt through bluetooth and check the battery manually.

On the other hand the original Wyze lock is silver, doesn’t have a fingerprint reader, but DOES have internet and does work with Alexa (if you setup and use a PIN code with it). This one DOES send battery notifications. At least I have gotten them. I would at least make sure to go into settings and turn on the notification toggle even if the sub-toggles below it are all deactivated.

I do have notifications on and have gotten no notifications of low battery. I have noticed the next time that with alexa, it was not reaponding as well, so i changed the batteries and it seemed tobreapond better then?