Ideas to improve how the Wyze app deals with battery low on Wyze Lock (not Lock Bolt)

It would be helpful if the Wyze app reminded you when you changed the batteries in a lock that you need to recalibrate the unit. The batteries in the unit died Google said the door locked, it did not. The keypad turned green when i put in my code and told it to lock, but it did not lock. We have notifications for locking and unlocking turned off on our android phone because it becomes annoying after getting them so often during the day but a battery low notification SHOULD come up whenever you open the app.

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Lock low battery push notification

My Lock died at our Airbnb. The guests didn’t realize it was getting low and I wasn’t using the device on the app so I didn’t see it was low. If I received a push notification, I didn’t realize it.

Can the Lock send more than one push notification at 20%? Maybe at 20, 10 and 5%…


The Wyze Lock does not have a notification of low battery. I thought ibhad been locking the door for about 2 weeks through my Alexa and I wasn’t. I went into the app for something and realized the door was not locking just opening and closing. It would be nice if i could get a separate option to get a push notification that the battery is low

[MOD EDIT] Reflect the correct Product Wyze Lock.

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