Wyze lock low battery alert message

Not sure if this is already implemented or wishlisted(FR), but would like to know or see a minimum battery percentage informing user of low battery and replacement. In other words, if the battery % is around <10%, Lock should inform user of current low % and to replace soon, otherwise use manual key.

Geofence auto-unlock has been somewhat hit and miss, early on it was working great but now with some app updates, not sure of lock FW updates but on occasion will work or not. So not sure if this is due to low battery which I’m currently showing ~30% which prompted for this wishlist request of low battery alert to the user.

I have good news for you! :slight_smile:

Though I hope your auto-unlock improved since you posted.


it does not make sense to prohibit recalibrate when battery less than 20%
20% is a lot!

Most phones won’t perform a system update if it’s below 30% so I don’t see a problem with 20%. Rather it be that way than the batteries die in the middle of a calibration and brick the lock.

I wish this for Motion Sensor too.