Battery Level of Wyze Lock Battery and Wyze Lock Keypad Battery

Looking at the Battery Level today for my Wyze Lock, and the Wyze Lock Keypad, I noticed they were both at 94%.

Can others with both devices check to see if they see equal or different percentages?.. (Curious if this is a coincidence that they are the same value, or if the app is reading only one of the devices and using it’s value for both fields)

  1. Select Keypad Settings for what assume would be the battery level of the Wyze Lock Keypad

  2. Select Device Info to check the battery level of the Wyze Lock



I just checked, my Back Door Lock shows 3% battery and the Keypad for it shows 90%, so mine are different.

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Thanks for checking, I appreciate it. So mine is just a coincidence. And you need to go change your Back Door Lock Batteries :slight_smile:


Yeah I assume it is a coincidence. :slight_smile: check again in a few weeks and see if that’s still the case.

Yeah, I plan to replace my batteries, though since they are rechargeable batteries and it starts at 5%-6% battery when fully charged, I basically ignore the battery percentage until they actually refuse to lock/unlock anymore first. When I switch them out again I’m going to try using Duracells again and see if I am getting issues like others are reporting in this thread:

If so, I will plan to report the issue in October’s Fix-it-Friday event.

But first, I’m probably going to try to let these rechargeables die first :slight_smile: Otherwise I’ll try swapping them out at the beginning of the month. :man_shrugging:


If you bring it up, it would be great to get some more formal guidance regarding rechargeable batteries, as well as an explanation as to why calibrations cannot be performed below 20%.


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Don’t worry, I have it bookmarked with a reminder for Oct 7th so I won’t forget, either way I’ll report it, I just want to see if I can post my report with logs and personally confirming that I am experiencing it too…but even if I can’t replicate it myself, I’ll still reference the thread with you and others experiencing this if someone else doesn’t beat me to it. We’ll get it on Wyze’s radar. :+1:

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