Wyze Lock battery level doesn't update when batteries changed

I have two Wyze locks that I just replaced the batteries in, but they don’t update in the app. I can’t Calibrate them because it keeps telling me that my battery level is too low, but they are brand new batteries I put in. Help!

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Are you using rechargeable batteries? Or maybe really generic ones that are cell batteries wrapped up in a AA shape (some generic batteries actually do this). When I use rechargeable batteries it starts at like 5% battery life.

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I have same problem. Replaced with brand new Costco Kirkland Signature Alkaline AAs, best by March 2031. I don’t think it is a problem with the batteries.
I tried deleting the device and reinstalled. The low battery persisted and calibration failed.

Update. I deleted the lock and the gateway from the app again. I removed the batteries from the lock and had it sit unpowered overnight. The next day I re-installed everything and so far it is working. Battery now shows at 99%.


This is now happening to my Wyze lock as well. My lock was at 19% using Duracell - CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries and wouldn’t calibrate until they were replaced. I replaced them with another set, and they showed 7%.

I went out and bought a brand new set of the same (non-rechareagble) and now the device shows at 3%. Argh!


  • Is there a specific support note here for this situation? I don’t want to have to disconnect the lock/gateway and reconnect after overnight each time.
  • Given that the lock drain power relatively fast and doesn’t play well with rechargeable batteries, can you lower or remove the threshold of calibration from 20% to 10% or something? It sucks to not be able to fully use batteries that can’t be recharged.


My Experiment of installing a set of Tenavolts 1.5 V AA Lithium Rechargeable Batteries is still underway.

They are still at 94%, installed on Aug 14. I’m guessing I’ll go from 94% to 0% (or whatever is considered dead by the Wyze Lock) in the blink of an eye. But I’m ok with that, if I can get many more charge cycles out of the rechargeable batteries.

I’ve made it a month so far, so I’m good with this so far. If I make it another month or two…, then it was more than worth the small additional cost of these batteries.



I reported this bug in the current fix it Friday event


Any update on this? Encountered it last night after changing batteries and battery level still hasn’t updated after 12 hours.

Any updates?

@Coxjc I had the same thing happen with mine when I changed the batteries. I cleared the app cache after a day ish of waiting for the battery level to update and that fixed the issue. After clearing the cache the battery level showed as 100% and it has slowly dropped from there in the last 2 months, down to 84% today.

No official announcement (those are reserved for the highest-voted issue), but I do know that the community manager reads and looks into each submission, including this one, and passes on the relevant info to the appropriate teams to look into it. I am actually about to test this again. My batteries are close to dying and I’m going to put in new batteries and try to replicate your issue and if I can replicate it I will also get logs and pass on up to the devs. I’m just waiting for the battery to fully die first, just in case that helps makes a difference this time.

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Same problem for me…Rather annoying Wyze…please fix this bug.