Wyze Lock battery indicator

I own the Wyze lock, I use rechargeable batteries with the lock. My problem is that when I change the batteries (rechargeable or regular) it still tells me the battery life is 5% even with brand new fresh batteries. Is there a way to fix this so it show correctly?

It depends on what batteries you’re using. Battery monitors in devices work off of voltage readings. An alkaline battery is 1.5 volts and actually when brand new measures 1.65 volts DC. An NIMH rechargeable AA Battery is rated at only 1.2 volts and when fully charged is around 1.5 volts max which would be like 50% or less of a brand new Alkaline on battery gauge.

Wyze unfortunately doesn’t recommend rechargeable batteries for the lock.

I had the same thing happen but it just took a little while to update and reflect the new battery percentage. I kept checking and it was staying at 5% but then check again after like an hour and it showed the correct percentage. It seemed to just take a little time to update after changing the batteries. Maybe yours will do the same.

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