Wyze lock batteries

Has anyone had issues with rechargeable batteries showing up in the Wyze lock, as always being low??

I’ve fully charged multiple batteries and I always get a low battery indicator in the Wyze app no matter which batteries I swap out. I didn’t have this issue with one time use batteries.

Many traditional rechargeable batteries actually have a lower rated voltage than their replacement counterparts, often 1.2 V instead of 1.5V. That’s probably why. Some digital cameras and devices have a corresponding setting for battery type…

@Customer is correct. We don’t recommend using rechargeable batteries as they are usually 1.2V. We recommend using 1.5V batteries or else you might see low battery life warning for your Wyze Lock.

Any plans to allow for using rechargeable ones? Maybe through an update or something?

This is not something that can be changed through a firmware update.

If you do look I believe there are a few rechargeable batteries that are 1.5v but I do believe they are more expensive.

Kind of seems like a missed opportunity? The lock could have had a USB rechargeable battery of its own…

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there is still 18% battery, but does not let me calibrate due to low battery…

What a bummer.


Have you by chance tried any of the 1.5v rechargables in a Wyze Lock yet? I’m considering these Tenvolt AA batteries:


But want to know if you or anyone else has tried them.


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I have not tried them, I am still using the 1.5 alkaline batteries and replacing them every so often (need to do that now actually). You will have to let me know if you try them out.

I purchased, and installed a set of these Tenavolts 1.5 V AA Lithium Rechargeable Batteries on amazon for $34.99 after seeing that one set of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries at home depot for $23.87.

I decided that for $11.12 more, I’ll experiment with a set of batteries that if they work, I’ll hopefully save a few dollars.

The batteries started at 94% upon installation per the Wyze App on 08-07-2022,


Eight days later (today), still showing 94%

It’ll be interesting to see how they perform. If I get any type of warning of a low battery event, or if they just go ‘completely’ dead without warning.

I’ll update this post on the next exciting blockbuster episode of 'Batteries Discharging in a Wyze Lock" when something of note occurs.

If they don’t work out in the Wyze Lock, I’ll find another user for them elsewhere and try something else.


[Mod Edit]: Linked product to Amazon.

The forum wouldn’t allow me to reply to my own thread:

So here I am per that suggestion, and editing my original reply to document what I discovered with the Tenavolt batteries:

My Wyze Lock Quit working yesterday, no warning of a low battery (which I understand is the expected behavior with the Wyze Lock and rechargeable batteries)

So, I pulled the batteries, grabbed my high tech battery meter and saw what I expected:

EXCEPT for one of the batteries was not like the other three:

Strange that three fully discharged, and one did not.

I will label them 1-4 this time, and mark the inside of the lock with 1-4 to see if one of the batteries does this again, and if so, which battery slot doesn’t discharge like the other three.

For this experiment, the batteries lasted from 08-07-22 to 10-25-22 for a total of 79 days.

Not great,

But if I get 1000 cycles out of batteries per the box…

1000 cycles x 79 days = 79,000 days

79,000 days / 365 days = 216.43 Years

If my math is right… and it lives up to even half of that expectation. the batteries will outlive me…

(There has to be a flaw in my math and / or reasoning here, as I can’t believe these batteries will last that long)

Did I flunk this math test?



Three weeks have passed since installing the Tenavolts 1.5 V AA Lithium Rechargeable Batteries batteries, and today I saw it dropped to 93%,

I’ll post again when it drops to 50%



Oddly Enough… today, both my iPhone and Android Phone are reporting 94% again…

Maybe I’m recharging the batteries when I manually open the lock? :slight_smile: (which I seriously doubt 100%)