Lock Bolt - Low battery notification

When the Wyze lock bolt is low battery a notification/pop up when opening the info in the app kinda like the firmware telling you the battery is low and an estimate till dead and showing the time that it was triggered.

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Lock Bolt has no WiFI or Internet connectivity, but it does have Bluetooth. Iā€™m hoping Wyze can develop a viable Bluetooth solution to support this request.

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Just in case you did not see the LOW Battery notification here, it is a quick trick.
I keep in my car a USB c to USB c short cable.
I have a Samsung Galaxy with USB-C port.
I did try today.
Removed one battery, no power, ZERO, then connect my phone to the lock with the USB-C -USB-C cable, and bingo, I could open the lock.
By habit, I keep my phone always charged, so the phone battery was sufficient to open/ close the lock.
Have fun.

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