Wyze Lock Bolt - Doorbell Pro - A Deviation from the Wyze standard

I purchased the Wyze lock bolt. It is Bluetooth only, which it says in the description (not displayed proximately). I then purchased the Wyze Doorbell Pro as it can connect to the Lock Bolt. You can only unlock it. Why? That makes no sense. Its a binary, if you can do one, you can do the other.

Wyze information regarding this functionality, or lack of, is not displayed as it should be. I feel it was hidden and I assumed Wyze did its normally good job of integrating their products. I feel a bit suckered. Almost $200 and I cant remotely lock by door.

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I also purchased this combo and was disappointed to find out the only remote function currently supported is remote-unlock. I configured the auto-lock feature to lock the door after 5 minutes which somewhat compensates for the inability to remote-lock.

I too expected the Wifi to Bluetooth bridge to support the full feature set including access to the lock’s configuration, status and ability to receive event notifications (e,g, locked/unlocked/jammed).

Put me down as a third that bought this combo, a year ago with promised functionality only to still not have it.