Integrate Lock Bolt With Doorbell v2

Wyze Lock Bolt can be integrated with the Video Doorbell Pro so that it can be accessed from anywhere. Just like that, please provide Lock Bolt integration with the Wired Doorbell v2.

That’d be great if such an integration had a “lock from anywhere” feature in addition to unlock (the Video Doorbell Pro integration only allows to unlock AFAIK)

Lock Bolt Integration With Doorbell v2

Could Lock Bolt be integrated with Doorbell v2 via Bluetooth? That could give us, the Lock Bolt users, to control it from the Doorbell interface

Make sure you vote for your own wishlist request! This would be a nice feature to have.

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Lock from anywhere would be a nice upgrade but in the meantime use Auto Lock. You can unlock it from anywhere and it locks itself a few minutes later. I’d really like to see the lock Bolt and the wise doorbell V2 talk!

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I like this idea.

Ok, well I spoke to the product manager and it turns out that Doorbell v2 doesn’t have Bluetooth so this is actually an impossible ask haha.

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How about a Bluetooth to WiFi gateway?


Forgive my french but why in the h3ll do we have the option to assign accessories to Doorbell v2 if there’s no Bluetooth to add any accessories?!
I specifically got the Bolt and Doorbell v2 under the impression they’ll work together, especially since both came way after Doorbell Pro and the earlier lock!

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