Doorbell Friendly Faces and Doorlock Integration

With the advent of friendly faces ability for the Doorbell pro to not alarm with recognized faces, it would be great if you could make it so recognized faces could be “toggled” for Wyze-Lock integration. For example, if I plugged in my face as friendly and toggled Wyze-lock integration on, then as I walked up to the doorbell, not only would it not alert, but it would automatically unlock the door.

Great Idea! I would also love this. It would make the lock really convenient, especially for family that we want to allow access to the house without them needing to remember a pin number, etc. they can just walk up to the camera/doorbell and have it auto-unlock for them.

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I like the idea, but there could be a level of caution. Seems as if a decent enough picture of a homeowner/dweller could be used by a bad actor to unlock the door.

A lot of factors in between to get there, but could still be possible.


This can’t work for Wyze Lock Bolt since it is stand-alone and not internet connected.

Perhaps if Wyze releases a separate WiFi bridge addon that works similar to the one for Wyze Lock (different technology but the concept is doable).

The wishlist was about the lock that is internet connected. However, regarding the lock bolt, Wyze’s VP of product recently said they are working on a universal chime that can act as both a speaker and as a WiFi bridge for other devices that don’t have WiFi to be able to use it to gain Internet access. I am hoping they will add the lock bolt to that as well as scales. If so, then wishlist could also apply to the lock bolt too. :slight_smile:

We’ll just have to stay tuned and see. :crossed_fingers:


That’s interesting news about the chime/bridge - hopefully it gets released and solves this issue.

(though, this post is tagged with “lock-bolt” and it shows up in that forum list, where I found it)

Oh good point, I didn’t notice that, thanks. I guess I was assuming based on the initial post and the fact that the lock bolt didn’t have wifi access so couldn’t work with any other devices. Though now we know that could possibly change if the Universal Chime can help it based on what the VP implied. I guess for now we just hope. :crossed_fingers:

Did they add the unlock button to the Video Doorbell Pro? I was looking in the setting on my app the other day and I saw that there is an accessories section that looks like you can add a lock if you have one. I don’t actually have a lock so I couldn’t try it out but do you think it would work if you had a lock? I have the doorbell pro btw.

Yes, I was thinking this is the most obvious application of friendly faces feature. Why do I need a notification when I am walking into my house??

Facial Recognition Trigger for Wyze Lock

It would be great if the Video Doorbell 2 could use facial recognition to trigger the Wyze Lock to open as I am approaching the door. This would be incredibly convenient.