Add Gateway support to Lock Bolt

Please as the a WiFi gateway to the Bolt. I have purchased two bolts and would love to have remote access to them. The Bolt with it’s finger print reader, integrated key pad and all metal construction is a huge upgrade from the Wyze Lock (which I own as well). Also, the finish of the Bolt matches my doors better the than the Lock. Thank you for following up with this request.


Wyze Lock Bolt need a gateway for wifi access

Adding the ability to access the Wyze Lock Bolt via wifi like the original Wyze Lock would absolutely be ideal. Its like new features were presented with the Wyze Lock Bolt but necessary features were lost (wifi access to lock and sensor that tell if the door isnt closed/locked). Losing these two features truly decreased my interest in the lock. Losing these features also presents a security vulnerability for a homeowner being unable to ensure that the door to their home is locked.

Please add these features.


The worse part is Wyze’s silence in these forums. It would be nice if they could explain the issue.

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Wyze doesn’t usually chime in here as this is primarily a user-to-user forum. I can answer your questions though…

The “issue” is that customers don’t read or understand the product info before purchasing. Wyze Lock Bolt is not an IOT (Internet-connected) device. It was purpose-built to satisfy users’ security concerns and requests for a non-IOT deadbolt lock with local-only smart features. Wyze has not indicated plans to change the connectivity aspects of the Lock Bolt design. However, it is possible to create an add-on gateway, hence the reason this Wishlist request/topic exists. If Wyze decides to move forward with this request, it will not happen soon as their priority this year is geared towards cams.

Wyze Lock + Keypad bundle is an IOT Internet and WiFi-connected device and a better suited alternative to most of the use cases posted in this topic.

A separate Wishlist topic exists that requests features of both Lock and Lock Bolt be combined into a new IOT product: Integrated Lock & Lock Bolt

For reference, some of the Lock Bolt info from the Wyze storefront:


Wyze Lock Bolt notifications using existing Wyze Lock hub

I recently purchased a Wyze Lock Bolt to replace a broken Wyze Lock and did not realize until after the fact that notifications were non-existent. After I couldn’t figure it out I did research and found due to the lack of WiFi it can’t send them. I am hoping that a future update can let it connect to the hub for the original lock to provide WiFi functionally and notifications. I have a side door hub and now a useless front door hub that it could connect to.


This is great information and much clearer than it was when first announced. The fact that the Lock Bolt doesn’t even send notifications to the Wyze App is still pretty hidden.

Doorbell Friendly Faces and Doorlock Integration - #5 by carverofchoice mentions some Wyze VP discussion from a Fix-it-Friday.

Of course it would be better to be able to use my existing Door Gateways to enable this, but I would settle for the Chime handling things… I would LOVE to swap my Door Locks for Lock Bolt because the lock is so much better… but I need notifications and App control.


Good news, they are now beta testing allowing the Video Doorbell Pro to control the lock bolt through the VDBPro’s chime connecting to it:

Right now, only the unlock function works. They don’t have locking working yet, and there are no notifications yet, but at least they are working on an option for it. It’s good progression.


It’s honestly not that great a progression and shows that they are not listening to their customers. I don’t need their video doorbell currently. The fact that they have not responded to this thread is also problematic. Like I said before, I will not buy more of their products until they properly address this.


The sleeker newer deadbolt is less capable. Having to leverage a gateway instead of having wifi built in is a good compromise even though there are far less people who want to be less connected. Making people buy the crappy older combination is not a great approach. It should say on the product listing that it’s not compatible with the gateway. It would be nice if Wyze was more transparent about whether this is being addressed instead of making us speculate. The fact that Wyze can’t chime in on their own forums is dumb. If the only time that they write things on their forum is during a scavenger hunt, then that is bad support.


Until I get specific information that lock/unlock and notifications are coming via the Gateway, I will not be purchasing any more home products.

If they do make that enhancement, I’ll swap all three of my existing Wyze Lock+Keypad because its really a much nicer lock, and I already have Gateways within easy reach of those external doors.

That said, I might be interested in using a Doorbell Pro + Chime for the Lock Bolt, but doubt that one chime is going to reach my existing three external doors (especially the garage), but honestly don’t want or need the doorbell.


The product description itself is pretty clear about lack of external connectivity which is why I haven’t purchased yet. However Wyze is also marketing a bundle called the “Airbnb Side-Hustle Starter Pack” which includes the Lock Bolt. In the description they state the Lock Bolt is “Practically made for short-term rentals”. In reality the Lock Bolt is useless for this purpose without remote access via a gateway. I realize the regular Wyze Lock is internet connected but I also want the keypad to be integrated with the lock itself.


@WyzeYun This is terrible. Why can’t you just fix this to work the way your customers expect it to work? You can at least be more transparent on providing a timeline for the functionality. I stopped buying your products until the gateway is compatible.

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Luckily I noticed the bluetooth-only spec before I ordered one. Does the Doorbell Pro integration show the lock status?

Not at this time. As far as I can tell it just has a little button you can press to unlock it and it will tell you when it successfully unlocks, but it doesn’t really show a status at this point. It’s very new beta testing stuff. Hopefully they add a bunch more things for it in the coming future.


Not likely. Their CEO doesn’t even check these forums or respond when called out. Not buying anything until Wyze fixes this.

Wyze staff checks the wishlist weekly, and this thread is proof of that, as they have started experimenting with this, community suggestion, through the doorbell.

I wouldn’t say they need to “fix” this, as the lock bolt was designed this way, and any additional changes will be feature improvements.

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To be quite honest, I’m not even sure if it is realistically possible to allow the current Wyze Lock Gateway and the current Wyze Lock Bolt to communicate with each other directly from a technological standpoint since I believe they use different radio standards:

It was my understanding that the Gateway uses WiFi to connect to the router, and Zigbee to connect to the lock, and then the phone connects to the lock in one of 2 ways:

  1. Through the internet to the router then Wifi to the Gateway then Zigbee to the Lock
  2. Bluetooth to the lock directly.
  • I don’t believe that the Gateway itself even has a Bluetooth radio (if someone finds otherwise in the FCC docs or something, please let me know).
  • The Lock Bolt I believe only has a Bluetooth radio, and doesn’t support Zigbee or WiFi.

If both of the above things are true, then the Lockbolt can never connect directly to the lock Gateway. They don’t even have the same radio (different modulation techniques and protocols). Wyze could do a work around and make it connect to an active lock which then connects to the gateway, but then the battery life on both the lock and the lock bolt would be reduced a lot more, which would likely make people upset. And it also means people couldn’t replace the lock with a lockbolt since the lock would still need to be active. Though there are some of us (including myself) who use both a lock and a lock bolt at the same time, there are probably not a lot of people who have both the original lock and the Lockbolt both deployed at the same time, so it would also frustrate people who have a lock bolt, and don’t need or want an extra original Wyze lock deployed being told they’d have to get the other lock too and keep it active, or that they couldn’t just replace it because that other lock still needs to be active to provide the Bluetooth connection to the gateway. A lot of people with less technical education wouldn’t understand that there are different radios in the 2 devices which prevent the gateway and lock bolt from connecting directly to each other and think Wyze is trying to force them to pay for an extra lock that they don’t need or want.

Since Wyze has apparently figured out how to connect the Lock Bolt to the Chime they already produce, which uses Bluetooth itself directly, this seems like it could be a reasonable solution if they sold the chime separately (which they don’t currently do). The Wyze VP implied in an AMA that this was the direction they were taking:


Especially if they are considering giving WiFi access to multiple products besides just the Lock Bolt, it would make sense to have one thing that can work for them all. Maybe the scales, and floor lamp and lock bolt, and anything else that needs a base or hub or gateway.

As I have said, I am supporting this wishlist, I have advocated for this, and I have 3 Gateways I could use, so I would love this. I am just saying that I don’t know if it is even possible since it may be that the Gateway uses Zigbee and the Lock Bolt uses Bluetooth. Wyze may basically be forced to be practical and use another device that actually supports Bluetooth, like they appear to be doing with the Chime. Now, if we can just get them to start selling the chime separately at a good price and not have everything go through the Video Doorbell Pro screen, that would be awesome. I am guessing that will be something that will be considered more in 2024 though, since Wyze said they putting their focus on their original basics of cameras and improving the app as a priority this year.

Though to be clear, I don’t represent, nor speak for Wyze. I am just just hypothesizing from other information I have read from them publicly in AMA’s and the technical specifications I have read about from the 2 devices.

EDIT/UPDATE: As clarified in a post below, the Gateway DOES have Bluetooth, so it looks like it does have the technology needed to make this happen. That is good news.

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The Gateway must have Bluetooth as that’s how you get it connected to the WiFi, right?

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The gateway has Wifi and Bluetooth. Wyze is just being lazy. I don’t need a Chime since I already have a Ring.