Door Bell Camera and Lock Bolt

There is a support article ( that suggests you can add the lock as an accessory to the doorbell camera. In following the directions, the only accessory I’m offered is the Chim, which I already have. Any way around this? I’ve had the camera since 10/2021 and just installed the lock.

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I believe this only applies to the doorbell PRO. This is the taller battery powered one.

Since the support page linked seems to indicate otherwise I will ask some others if this is correct


you are correct. This only applies to the Doorbell pro.

I have both and verified.


You can use the Wyze Lock with the Original Doorbell as well

With all of my testing, I decided to clear cache and perform a reset on my streaming devices. I then tested to see if I can get the Wyze Lock associated with the Original Wyze Doorbell and YES you can add the Wyze Lock to both the Doorbell pro and the Original Doorbell.


Thanks for this info.

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Which is sad as I have two of the original wired doorbells and would LOVE the option to integrate :frowning:

@talkingcat @agrooms

Please ignore my post above. I just went through the process again and the Wyze Lock does indeed work with the Original Doorbell.

I must have had an issue with my device when I was verifying the settings.


I opened a ticket because I can’t link the Door Bell to the Door Lock Bolt. The answer is that this combination of devices is not supported for the integration. It was suggested I ask for this feature. Well, yes, it would be great this feature is enabled for these pair. In my case, I am not using the battery for the Door Bell, I have it connected directly to power.

Dang - I was hoping the lock bolt WOULD integrate with the OG wired doorbell. We seem to have conflicting experiences.

Really hoping the new wire V2 doorbells will interface with the Lock Bolt

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