Lock Bolt + Video Doorbell Pro (chime) integration

Thanks for adding this. I hope you can expand on this by including notifications, status, settings, etc.

However, there currently seems to be a major flaw. It seems like I can only unlock the Lock Bolt on the Video Doorbell Pro screen and not lock it? So, there can be a potentially unsafe situation where I unlock it remotely and am not able to re-lock it until I get home?


Totally agree, this is a major flaw. The settings button and unlock button are in close proximity as well, accidentally pressing unlock while trying to go to settings while not at home and not being able to relock could be a big problem. Wyze team, please fix! Add the lock feature as it’s noted in the enable lock/unlock option!

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+1 to this! When i first saw it, I questioned what the Lock icon was and thought well it could be:
1. A lock icon to indicate my lock bolt is actually locked
2. A Lock button to let me lock the Lock Bolt
What I didn’t expect was that it was actually an unlock button…with a “Lock” icon! So when I pressed it…while I was a hour away from my house… I wasn’t thrilled that it unlocked my front door with no-one home and no way to re-lock! If nothing else, there needs to be a confirmation that you actually want to unlock the door to prevent this. If there’s a technical limitation to re-locking, it would be nice to get an explanation from Wyze.

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Can someone from Wyze please tell us if this will be fixed and if more enhancement are coming (notifications, etc.)? If not, I hate to lose the integrated keypad and fingerprint sensor, but I might have to return the Lock Bolt and replace it with a Lock that is already WiFi-enabled.

Just left our Little Leagues snack shack unlocked over night for the same reason. This has to be fixed.

Wyze, Please show a closed padlock when the bolt is locked and an open padlock when unlocked. This should absolutely be a toggle button. Duh

Like in your video,” Just tap that lock icon and you can leave your house totally unlocked from anywhere in the world!”

I agree, need the option to lock / unlock and have a notification icon showing it is. Just having unlock is a security risk, if you accidentally hit the unlock you have no way to lock it back. Thinking of sending mine back and get something else until this security issue is fixed.

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I have both type of Wyze locks installed in my house, WI FI lock on my front door and Wyze Bolt on my garage door because I like the finger print option for my garage. I heard that the Wyze Door Bell Pro could be connected to the Wyze Bolt and operate remotely. Which I thought was great because I have family that forgets to lock the garage door lock once in awhile and I could check it and lock it remotely. I ordered the Pro but before I received it I came across this forum. Needless to say I don’t need to unlock it remotely I need to be able to LOCK it remotely. I immediately sent the Door Bell Pro back. It makes no sense to me to be able to unlock remotely but not lock. Wyze I love your stuff but this was a let down and I agee with previous people its a security risk.