Integrated Lock & Lock Bolt

It would be lovely if the Lock and Lock Bolt were integrated.
You should offer a Master Bolt that allows Wyze aficionados the option to choose the features they need. These needs change over time and on the buildings we own. If we want wifi we activate, etc… You will have The winning Lock and sweep the compe off the table if you can manage the options.

Hybrid Bluetooth/ internet deadbolt

I currently have a lock from another company, I hate it and want to replace it, I want a lock with internet connectivity so I can check, open/close it remotely but I also want a faceplate like the Bluetooth bolt as I no longer have my original deadbolt as I threw it away when I installed the other lock…. I guess this is a long way of asking for a hybrid of your 2 locks, or the availability of internet connectivity for the Bluetooth lock

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Voting for Lock Bolt integration with the Gateway will resolve the issue.


Absolutely agree!!

I love the Wyze lock except for the fact I can’t lock it remotely (mind you I can unlock it remotely using the doorbell integration!) Is it too much to ask for a lock button as well?

And I can’t for the life of me understand why I can’t set my deadbolt to disarm my security when I unlock the entry door. Come on Wyze, this should be a no-brainier!
At least give us the ability to set custom device triggered rules with the deadbolt, just like the other devices.