Question re Lock/Keypad

I’ve had the locks for a while now, and just got the keypads this week. I know if my internet goes down, I can still operate the lock via my phone while I’m in bluetooth range. But will the keypad still work if the internet connection goes down? I’ve searched, but can’t find an answer. Thanks.

According to the Support info for Wyze Lock, you should be good to go:

‘These codes are stored locally on the Wyze Lock itself, not the cloud. Not only is this more secure, but it makes sure that even during a power or network outage, you can still use the Wyze Lock by using the Keypad.’

Great. Thank you for the reply. I can’t believe that with all of my searching, I didn’t come across that page.

Although that quote is from within the “guest codes” section, I’d assume that should go for the main code as well. I guess the easiest way to confirm is that I’ll unplug the gateway, an hen try the keypad

Well let us know, that would be an interesting experiment. If the gateway controls the lock via bluetooth, what will happen if the gateway is unpowered, considering the article says you can still unlock during a power outage with the keypad? Maybe that keypad has some of the same tech as the gateway…
Anyhow, don’t lock yourself outside!

Anyone know if there’s a minimum battery percentage before the auto-unlock does not function? Or should it work till at least 5-10%? Currently around 30% last time I checked so curious how till I have to use the key manually.

Ok. Unplugged the gateway and tried the keypad, and it works fine. So while a power and/or internet outage isn’t going to happen all that often, at least it’s nice to know that they keypad will still work in those situations

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Awesome, thanks for doing that, now we know! The Wyze Team seems to have thought of everything, I can’t wait to get my keypad, I’m having issues getting Auto-Unlock to work with my ancient iPhone 6 so the Keypad will be a welcome addition for me.

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