Wyze Lock power outage default ( unlocks now)

I just found out through a power outage that a locked door automatically unlocks in a power outage. The lock needs to stay locked by default, if it loses WIFI, etc. This is a deal breaker as I have no control when WIFI or power goes out and watched the door unlock automatically. Cannot have my secure deadbolt unlock for anyone to enter when not home or asleep

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Did you submit a log when this happened, this definitely should not be the case. I have had a Wyze Lock on my door and have not had it unlock in a power outage. I would say definitely submit a log and call WYZE Support

Live support is available:


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This just happened to me… I submitted a log with support. Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening? My wife who is home said that after she manually had to lock when the power returned the lock unlocked again.

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