Wyze lock unlocks when the power goes out

The power went out and according to my wife who was at home that the lock unlocked automatically. After manually locking, when the power was restored, the lock unlocked by itself again. Scary to think that this would happen when no one is home… Anyone else having this issue and has a fix from support? Don’t know if it adds anything but apparently other Wyze devices like the bulb and the plug turned on after the power was restored.

My lock has ever done that during a power outage in over a year of having it. Maybe something with an app update? It’s been a long time since there’s been a firmware update, so I don’t think it’s that.

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Wow so a criminal could cut the power to anyone’s home who owns the Wyze lock then walk up to the front door and let himself in!!! That’s just nuts. All they would need is a list of addresses of Wyze lock purchases and there set.

How would the lock know that the power was out? It’s not plugged in to anything. The only way it could tell was that your wifi would disappear. If you wanted to test this, just unplug your wireless router. Does your door unlock?

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Good question when the op said when he loses power the door unlocks I just assumed it was somehow tied into the electric but being battery operated makes total sense.I’m assuming the power did properly go out which caused. Him to loose his wifi.

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After “enjoying” the “Great Texas ice winter”, we had frequent and lengthy power outages. Not once did my Wyze Lock unlock on its own. I have the keypad and it worked to unlock the door. I believe that it also did an auto unlock at least once with power and internet out, but cannot confirm that. I can confirm the keypad as I did a specific test on that.


I’m assuming it happened once the lock lost connection to the gateway which is connected to a power outlet.

Thanks everyone for your responses and feedback.

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that I have the auto-unlock option enabled with the geofence.

After chatting with support, we came up with a potential cause of why the lock auto unlocked when it’s not supposed to… I have two additional devices which I typically leave at home that have the Wyze app loaded into them - iPad and iPod. Those two devices are also logged into my main Wyze account with Bluetooth and location services enabled. According to the tech, he thinks that when the lock lost/re-gained connection to the getaway, it detected the presence of a device with my Wyze account inside my home/the geofence, which then that the lock to auto-unlock.

I was away from home when the outage happened and of course I had my phone with me. I’m not sure if the lock was also able to detect this device logged into my Wyze account was outside the geofence and then quickly realized that there were other devices inside the geofence.

He suggested two things:

  • Instead of using the same account, share Wyze access to my additional devices
  • Turn off Bluetooth and location services access to Wyze on those two devices

I will run some tests to find out if the additional two devices were the cause for the lock to auto-unlock.

Lastly, what I’m a little confused about is if the lock lost connection to the gateway during the outage, how does it still detect the devices inside the geofence? I get if the lock would auto-unlock once the connection has been restored, but the fact that the auto-unlocking also happened minutes after the power went out it’s weird to me.

I’m glad to see that this is not an issue with the actual lock but instead is something I’m perhaps doing wrong.

Any additional thoughts on this? Hope this makes some sense.

That is an amazingly deep and helpful tech support response for a bargain product. Kudos (not a plural by the way) for Wyze.

If the Bluetooth is point to point from the lock to the home iPad that could explain your question. I don’t know how it works.

I read your reply about the answer from tech support and their theory didn’t make sense, so I tested it myself out of curiosity and since as I said earlier, mine never unlocked after a power failure.

I also have Auto Unlock enabled and I also have other devices logged into my same main account. I have two wall mounted android devices that run 24/7 displaying a camera. We also have my wife’s phone which is on her own shared account.

Anyway, to test, I shut off the two breakers for the outlets that my router and my lock gateway are plugged into to simulate a power failure. I then waited 15 minutes and then turned the breakers back on to simulate power returning. As I expected, the lock did not unlock.

The reasons the tech support theory didn’t make sense to me was that a device first has to leave the geofence area and then return to trigger unlock. Secondly, devices geolocation are unique and a second, or in my case third device shouldn’t matter. Also, in over a year with my lock, having two other devices logged into my same account hasn’t effected unlocking power failure or not.

The only difference I can see in my test is that I stayed home so my phone never left the geofence area, however, in January I had a power failure that did happen when I was away and when I got home the door unlocked when I walked up to it so it had remained locked. I remember because I wasn’t sure if my internet was back as I walked up to the house and was surprised to hear it Auto Unlock

Well leave the home with your phone then turn it off and return and retest whole scenario if you would want to fully duplicate the ops situation. Just a thought if you was interested. I myself have considered this lock and so far have held off with my tried and true Schlage digital door setup. It has no type of phone detection or smart features but it’s been bulletproof reliable for years. With it I have to enter a code into a keypad to get in.

I’ve had one of those locks on my basement door for years and they do work well. I doubt I will do any more testing. I’m pretty confident my lock doesn’t do what the OP’s does. I was just curious about Wyze support’s theory and support doesn’t have a good reputation. The Wyze lock has been buggy for a lot of people and they seem more interested in adding other products than fixing existing ones.

Honestly, I don’t rely on the Wyze lock, or any other brand for that matter for anything more than minimal security anyway. My basic fairly rural house has plenty of thin glass windows, including within arms reach of the door lock, not to mention in the door itself. As a former fire fighter I know it only takes 2 seconds to get into most locked houses like mine anyway. An apartment building with a steel security door, no ground level windows, and other tenants around to see and hear someone breaking through the door takes a little longer, but at my house, it’s doubtful a neighbor would hear a little piece of glass breaking.

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Same here. When we lost power the locks did not unlock.

When the power went out during the Texas arctic freeze our locks did not unlock.
Like someone else said they are not even connected to the power except for the gateway.
I wonder if when the power went out and the WiFi with it, when the WiFi came back and the phone connect with the lock, the lock though the homeowner just returned and was in proximity of the door.

Locks just keep honest folks honest.