Wyze Lock offline

All of a sudden my wyze lock is offline. Cams and alarm and other accessories are all on line except for door lock. Any ideas?

I just checked and both of mine at 2 separate locations are both online.

I would potentially unplug the gateway and plug it back in, then check the lock batteries and maybe replace them for good measure just in case. Make sure the gateway is online again.

I will do that. I’m actually not at the same location where the lock is. So I have to wait till next week to be there. I’ve had it for a year or more and never has it been offline and batteries have been changed. Thanks for the reply.

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I am having a similar issue with my Wyze Lock. But it’s saying it’s offline and the batteries need to be changed. I’ve changed the batteries, deleted the lock on the app, and re-added. The gateway was re-paired and re-set the WI-FI password to it and none of it worked.
Chatted with support (eventually kicked off) the last thing the told me to check was make sure battery optimization is disabled.
Not sure what phone you’re using but maybe some of these things will resolve your issues-I have not fixed mine.

buy this cable and problem solved

That is completely unrelated to this topic. That Outdoor Plug is for cameras. It does not work in the Wyze Lock. Did you post in the wrong place on accident?

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I am not at the location but the only thing that happened was the power was off for a couple of hours. My cams and alarm are good. The only thing that didn’t come back on line was the lock. I’ll be checking next week and will post what happens. Thanks for the info