Wyze Lock Gateway online, but Lock not remote accessible

So recently I noticed my Gateway was offline, and I had to redo the wi-fi setup. Now my Gateway is back online. However, my actual lock in the Wyze app still shows the crossed-out-cloud icon, and I can only access it if I’m close by and on Bluetooth. Good batteries, recently replaced.

My Gateway is only like 6 feet away, line of sight, like it’s always been, Used to work fine in the past. But for some reason, refuses now. Tried poking around in the help files but nothing applicable. Anyone encounter this? I’m going to contact support too, but from what I hear lately that might be a dead end. So posting here too to see if anyone had the same issue.

EDIT: Just wanted to add, I also did the calibration on the lock again while bluetooth connected, just to see if that helps. It didn’t. I’m able to connect to the gateway while away, and it shows that my lock is connected to it, but when I try to connect to the lock itself, no dice. Again, works fine when I’m next to it, on bluetooth.

So support did get back to me and after the usual basic useless steps they had me re-install the lock into the app and assign it to the gateway fresh and that seemed to do it.

Leaving this post up in case it helps anyone else. Just reinstall the darn thing by clicking + to add a device in the app and then follow the instructions to re-pair the lock and assign it to the gateway again. Had to reset my keypad and codes too, but happy to have it working again despite the unexplained annoyance.