Wyze Lock Gateway Disconnecting

Looking to see if anyone has had their lock gateway start disconnecting frequently from WiFi. My gateway has been running fine since January but in the last month it has disconnected from WiFi I would say over 10 times with at least 4-5 of those being in the last day or two. This is the only device I am having an issue with and have over 37 devices on my wireless network. Nothing is coming up in my network logs for any disassociations or denials so it points me to having a hardware issue with the gateway itself. I submitted a support ticket but while I am waiting for a response I figured I would check with the community to see if anyone had this issue and how did it ultimately get resolved. Thanks!


Yes, mine failed. Won’t reconnect. Got a new one from Wyze, it won’t connect, tried 2 different routers and 2 different phone, both are JUNK! My last purchase from Wyze. I have to reinstall my old deadbolt and send both back. CHINESE JUNK! Fed up