Wyze Lock Gateway Not Connecting

I have had a Wyze Lock & Gateway for almost a year. It has worked flawlessly until recently - one day the Wyze Lock Gateway started flashing red (no changes to my network). I tried to reset the gateway to connect to it, but any device I try will not connect - same message “Gateway Not Found.” I tried different devices, deleting the lock from the app, updating the app, changing my router, EVERYTHING. I tried contacting support, they keep asking me to troubleshoot my wireless network settings (which I complied with) - despite I had zero changes and this happened, and the actually connection to the lock is via bluetooth and that’s the issue - not wireless connectivity. I’m so frustrated and getting no where. Help please!

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Did you get a new one? Same happened to me and they ordered me a new one but it’s on back order?

I have two and they both do this regularly - red blinking for a while then reconnects.
It’s not the WiFi connection.
I believe it was a firmware change that affected them.

No fix made after contacting support and doing all the standard “reset the, reset that”

Hey IOT Tester, I am in the same problem. Were you able to fix the problem with the gateway?

No not fixed. It happens about 2x per day. On BOTH locks. Not WiFi connection and not batteries or radio connection to the lock.
This is a problem that the support has not addressed properly.
All the “troubleshooting” of reset or reinstall are not helpful.
The problem is the firmware that they updated and they are not putting resources on the problem.

My problem is that I reset the gateway because it was disconnecting, but after resetting it and deleting it from my app, I was never able to connect it to my WYZE app or my home network again.

Do you know how to reconnect it? because I do everything the manual says and it is not possible.

Hey RIZZUH, I am in the same problem. Were you able to fix the problem with the gateway?

If you followed the process with reset which creates a local device wifi connection, then I can’t help.
It worked for me on two of these door lock systems.
Note it needs 2.4GHz https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035123332-Changing-the-WiFi-info-on-your-Gateway

I’m having the same issue. No matter what I’ve done, gateway flashes red and won’t connect to internet anymore. Support was no help. Not will they offer to order just another gateway. I’ve used to be a Wyze fan- but this is changing my mind quick.

+1 with same lock gateway issue, not connecting or offline randomly. Not sure if its a similar issue with the app status but Ive already had one instance of being locked out until the gateway came back online which was ~10-15 minutes.