Lock Gateway Offline Intermittently Througout Day

I’m currently waiting on a support ticket response, but I’m curious to know if anyone else has this issue.
The wyze locks work great…when they are online. The lock gateway loses its connection and flashes red every few hours. It will usually reconnect after about 10 minutes, but not always. I’ve got 3 locks paired to 2 gateways. The 2 back doors are on one gateway within 5 feet, and the front door is paired to a gateway within 2 feet. They show strong signal strength. Since I’m unable to look at a log file, I can’t tell exactly what’s going on. I turned off band steering on my router, and THOUGHT I had resolved the problem yesterday, only to find it still exists. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on gateway issue? The gateway firmware is The lock firmware is App version is 2.45.1

I’ll also mention that I have over 30 devices on my network at any given time, including other Wyze products. The only device that loses the connection are the two lock gateways. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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See my other posts.

Bottom line: It’s not your router.
It’s a bug in the gateway firmware on retries / communications. (my Wyze plugs etc. do not do this)

Thank you. That’s exactly what I assumed. Will be returning them.

Can you submit a device log when this occurs and then post it here? I will see if I can get someone to look at it for you.

I have the lock and been using it for some time now. I am not experiencing any issue with it being offline.

Would it be possible to provide the type of Router setup you are using and your provider as well? I am not saying it is the router, but this will also help in diagnosing the problem.

Something to check: On the router, find the Lock Gateway and see what IP Address it is reporting. you may still have a reservation for it. Then look at your Lock Gateway and see what IP it showing. Curious if they match

IP’s match router & gateway
These door lock gateways are the only Wyze device going offline.
Router works with all other Wyze devices - no issues.
Log file ID 1182970

Anyone ever get this resolved? Same issue and Wyze solution but a new lock and gateway. It’s only the gateway that drops and is on dedicated 2.4 network. Even with nothing else on it, it drops on average 4x a day.


No - no solution found. Seems to be a design/firmware/server software issue.

I got rid of my Wyze locks with the gateway and am using the Schlage locks Z-Wave that connect to SmartThings hub.

Just unreal to me they have no real solution for this.

I have the lock and not experience any issue with connection or drops.

Can you provide the following:

  • Firmware version of the lock and gateway
  • App version you are using
  • Device you are using to communicate with it
  • Router type / network setup info.

Also, can you let us know if you have contacted Wyze and if so, did they provide you a ticket number. Can you put the ticket number here if you have.

Also can you provide a device log so Waze has something to look at.

Similar problem here. Have had the Wyze Lock and Gateway for over 3 years with no issues. This past week the gateway is losing connection to the network. I have to unplug it and replug to reconnect. I have deleted the gateway and lock along with the keypad with no resolve. Nothing has changed with my network and no other devices have this or any issues. Please advise. Thank you

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