After running flawlessly for a long time, my lock gateway is always offline and won't pair

For about a month, my Wyze Lock Gateway is always offline. The green light is on for about 4s, then it flashes 8 times, a short break when it’s off, then 3-4 more times, then it’s off for 5s before repeating.
Serial No. cnjl0051191201034274

On the one occasion that I got it into pairing mode (red/blue flashing) and connected to it with my Wyze Beta app, it showed the serial number as all zeroes then said it couldn’t connect to my WiFi (both phone and lock are connected to the same WiFi).

Did you ever find a fix?..mine does the same thing

Yes, Wyze sent me a completely new unit, free of charge, even though it was almost two years old and well out of warranty. I returned the old one with the label that they sent me. Everything is perfect again.

I have the same issue how can I contact them for exchange the gateway? Or is another software i can use?

Any luck on a replacement contact? Mine is flashing 1, 6, 4 but the same idea as you.