Wyze lock gateway won't connect

Just wondering if anyone has any insight or suggestions on my issue with the wyze lock gateway. First issue I noticed was that when I am setting up the gateway and I am picking which gateway to connect to, it shows up but the serial number is all zeros. Then when I enter my Wi-Fi information it immediately fails. I’ve tried all the tricks suggested in other posts (Wi-Fi hotspot from my phone, different device to set it up (iOS and Android), deleting the app and reinstalling it, resetting the router and modem). Is there anything else I’m missing?!


Did you ever get an answer from Wyze? I have the same issue, all zeros. It occurred after I changed the batteries in the lock and keypad. The batteries were not dead and the lock and keypad still functional it was just that the batteries were just showing low in the app. I have a support ticket in with Wyze and they sent me a wifi test app that I ran and sent back the link to Wyze a week ago. Still no answer. The Gateway, lock, and keypad up till now have been flawless.

I did. They ended up sending a warranty replacement gateway. Should arrive next week. I would follow up with support. The first two agents I talked to were not the most helpful but the third one was excellent. I would recommend contacting them through the live chat.


Wyze just emailed me they are replacing the Gateway. No explanation as to why the Gateway went to all zeros from Wyze. And I don’t know why the Gateway malfunction at the same time I changed the batteries in the lock. In the same room that is closest to the lock where I have the Gateway plugged in, I have an uninterruptible power supply with automatic voltage regulation, (a voltage line conditioner), on a printer. I think I might plug the Gateway into the UPS/AVR and see what happens.